Enjoying Time with Roberto Santiago’s Mall On Valentine’s Day

People that are looking for a place to go for Valentine’s Day would find that Roberto

Santiago’s Manaira Shopping is one of the best places to go. For one thing, there are tons of facilities that couples can go to in order to enjoy themselves. For the financially well off, there are tons of high end restaurants that offer plenty of the best foods available. For people that are looking for a more creative time, there are entertainment facilities that they can visit in order to go to a concert or an art exhibit. People who want to just have fun can visit some of the arcades.


However, Valentine’s Day does not have to be for couples only. There are tons of single people that will enjoy Manaira Shopping on Valentine’s Day without worrying about any feelings of inferiority. As a matter of fact, there are some activities that people can be a part of even without a significant other. It is also possible to have more fun single than with a significant other. After all, single people can go where they want without anyone holding them up. They can check out a movie if they want at the movie theater located in Manaira Shopping.


One of the most frustrating things about Valentine’s Day is trying to figure out what to do. This can involve a lot of creativity, and some people do not have time to be creative. Fortunately, Manaira Shopping handles all of the creativity for many people. All that is needed is for them to choose the type of activity that they want to take part in.


Manaira Shopping is such as big mall for many different occasions. Celebrating Valentine’s Day can be one of the best occasions for going to the mall and walking through it. There are a ton of activities that go beyond shopping in stores. It does not have to be one person checking out some new items while the other person is standing around being bored. They can enjoy themselves and have a ton of laughs while they are taking part in some of the activities.


Is Multivariate Testing the Best Solution for Your Testing Projects?

Building a successful site can be challenging because of the guidelines, rules and other requirements that developers must adhere to. Because there are so many different ways to design a site, some tend to be more effective than others. This is why so many of today’s developers are performing a wide variety of different test prior to launching the site online for the public to see.

Sectors of the Site Must Work Properly

Typically, to ensure a site is deployed correctly, testing should be completed in order to meet certain online standards. Some of the most important is making sure every sector of the site functions as it should. Specifically, when visitors enter a business site, designers must make it easy for everyone to navigating from one area on the site to another without being confused or frustrated. In some of these situations, different sections on the site may not work at all, while others have been designed well. To that end, this is one of the top reasons why a developer may elect to use multivariate testing to segment the testing accordingly.

Benefits and Drawbacks to Using Multivariate Testing

With multivariate testing, the designer of the website can perform numerous variations in order to identify the best performing solutions for the site. In fact, this kind of testing is very beneficial for the traditional website as well as for mobile devices that need to be changed for different reasons and purposes. While there are many different benefits to setting up multi-variate testing on a site, it is also important o to note that there are some common drawbacks too. Specifically, when it comes to the time and resources needed to perform the different scenarios.

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So, for those of you who want to know if multivariate testing is best for your projects, you may want to consider the time and resources available first. For instance, if you are trying to test a site for problems that you are encountering, you may not have a lot of time to fix the error before it causes financial issues. So, this type of testing may not be the option for you. However, if you are a developer that has the right amount of time to make the changes needed, this kind of testing may be exactly what you need to identify innovations and problems too. Particularly, if you are looking to implement new innovative changes that will generate more revenue and increase conversion rates when more visitors come to the site.


Avanca. Review their success achieved through NewsWatch TV

Creating a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to assist in funding their “Ockel Sirus B pocket PC”, the success was highly attributed to NewsWatch TV. This campaign, as with all campaigns need to be highly marketed and viewed by the masses, thus they hired NewsWatch TV to reach their target market and achieve their goals.

According to Nathalie Wijkvliet, Marketing Director of Avanca, the “team and support of NewsWatch TV was great, the results a success.” With the goal set at $10,000 and the target date within 30 days, the segment produced by NewsWatch TV was seen on national television as well as the NewsWatch online channel.

Reviews & Testimonials

Tremendous success cannot even begin to describe the results of this campaign as they raised 29 times more money than their original goal. Nathalie Wijkvliet says NewsWatch was one of the main reasons for the success, and their company highly recommends working with the NewsWatch team. Reaching over 96 million households, receiving over 1 million online impressions, this segment received more marketing on this campaign than was ever expected.


NewsWatch TV goes far and beyond any other marketing tool in the business world today. Award winning due to its vast subject matter such as technology, consumer interest and entertainment, reviews and breaking news, just amongst the view subjects NewsWatch airs; it has made for a phenomenal platform. Broadcast on national television, NewsWatch also carries a massive online presence as well.

NewsWatch Boosts Musical Pairing App Success with Review and Promotional Campaign

https://digitalmode.net/2017/12/08/newswatch-tv-boosts-musical-pairing-success-reviews-promotional-campaign/NewsWatch TV has grown into a very trusted source as it has featured well over 10,000 stories gifting the public with the latest news on products, medical breakthroughs, everything from automotive news, legal issues and far more. The very fact NewsWatch TV hits the masses, launching a campaign, making an introduction, or voicing opinion, this platform would be the one to brilliantly stand on.


21 years of fashion: The Academy of Art University.

Known worldwide, New York’s fashion week brings in new and exciting discoveries for the fashion world. Hustling and bustling with designers and models, fashion weeks can be overwhelming for some, but imagine having to do it twenty-one times. This weekend San Fransico’s Academy of Art University did just that. The Academy of Art Institute held the 21st runway show, debuting five new womenswear lines and two menswear line. These lines were designed by recent BFA and MFA graduates.


The Academy of Art University is known for its innovation and creativity. Founded in 1929, so it was no surprise when these graduates lines were creative masterpieces. These students wowed the audience with the artful and eloquent taste. from Mrs. J Alexander; Runway model extraordinaire to Sara Kozlowski, Director of Education and Professional Development at CFDA, everyone was astonished.


The names of these incredible artists are some to look for in the future as they fiercely lead the forefront of the future of fashion. For example, Hailun Zhou from Qing Dao, China. Her line was released with the inspirations being observations and personal photographs she took throughout her day’s journey. Creating a beautiful line involving her culture and life.


Eden Slezin. another name to look for was featured in the showcase this past weekend. His line featured an inspiration of life and loves. This vintage denim line embraced individuality with open arms. Or even Dina Marie Lam’s line that was inspired by the passing of her aunt.


Each of these artists gave a surprisingly new take on the fashion industry and set standards high for the future. With the help of the Academy of Art University helping them lead the way into the fashion industry and involving the students with events such as this to get their names out to important people. These graduates will be unstoppable.


The Many Endeavors of The Academy of Art University

Have you ever heard of the Academy of Art University? If you haven’t heard, then just know that this is one of the most important schools in the country that specializes in the arts. The school has produced talent that has worked in the motion picture industry. Some of the films included are Sully, Trolls, Zootopia, Hail Caesar, 13 Hours and Deepwater Horizon. This extraordinary school was founded by painter Richard S. Stephens, and it dates back to the 1920s. Individuals who have a passion for liberal arts, for design, for fine arts and for entertainment, should seriously apply to this exclusive institution.

New York Fashion Week is the place to be for anything that’s fashion-related. The School of Fashion from the Academy of Arts University graced the prominent stage in flying colors. Ten of the schools recent MFA and BFA graduates put on a show for the ages. There were two special collaborations among the graduates as well as multiple menswear lines and multiple womenswear lines. As of today, this was the school’s 21st runway appearance. Some of the favorite looks came from fashion designers Hailun Zhou, Dina Marie Lam, Carlos Rodrigues and Eden Slezin. The spectacular event was held on September 9, 2017 at the prominent Skylight Clarkson Square. Some of the most eclectic fashion wear was on full-display. The packed audience got a chance to feast their eyes on some of the latest and most futuristic styles. Fashion designers come here from every inch of the globe, which makes New York Fashion Week one of the most diverse fashion events in existence.

Academy of Art University did its job very well. This school is located in the heart of beautiful San Francisco, California, and it is said to be the biggest privately owned art and design school in America. All in all, Academy of Art University has raised the bar extremely high, and it is changing the current status quo.

Tony Petrello Leadership During Hurricane Harvey Aftermath

It is not uncommon for organizations in the workplace to immolate the traits of a good leader. In many different aspects, the exceptional leaders will not only guide their employees to being the best in the jobs that they perform but in their personal lives too. In fact, these leaders are often notorious for ensuring their organizations are not only taking in the profits from their local and surrounding communities but will most likely learn how to give back to the communities as a whole.

Following in the Steps of Loyal and Compassionate Leaders

While this description may be applied to many business organizations all around the U.S. and abroad, these exceptional workplaces and their employees can often be found taking front and center during good times and horrific times like natural disasters according to houstonchronicle.com. With this in mind, an exceptional leader that can be spotlighted today can be found in Texas since their leadership has made a monumental difference in the lives of those who were impacted most by the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Specifically, in Houston and its surrounding communities. So, for those of you who are interested in what Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors and the employees in Nabor Industries have already done to-date, here are a few things that were accomplished during Hurricane Harvey.

Read more: Every Dollar to Newark Academy’s Rise & Flourish Campaign Matched in 2017

Matching Donations and Contributions of Nabor Industry Employees

Similar to other contributions made during normal work hours, the employees of Nabors Industries were able to make a big difference immediately in the lives of those who were affected by flood waters of Hurricane Harvey. Because of the normal compassion that Tony Petrillo is known for, employees were given paid time off to make their personal contributions to the relief efforts in their local and surrounding communities. According to the workers, the company was also able to send scores of employees to aid the victims of this hurricane around the Gulf Coast and the surrounding areas.


In addition to assisting victims in these areas by helping them to recover in a number of different ways, Tony Petrello’s and his business organizations sponsored a fundraiser in order to help those most in need. With an amount of approximately 174,000 dollars being donated by the company employee themselves, he was also able to match these donations via his own personal funds. Just like other disasters of the past, Nabors Industries has been very instrumental in supporting other local crises too.

Learn more about tony Petrello: http://blogs.marketwatch.com/thetell/2014/05/27/why-nabors-ceo-wont-top-best-paid-bosses-list-again-in-2014/

Jeremy Goldstein explaining knockout options to corporate executives

Companies have begun eliminating stock options from employee benefit packages. Some companies are doing so in order to save money. However, there are other reasons and tend be more complex. Three major concerns arise that convince companies to stop offering stock options.


When the stock value drops suddenly, it will make it nearly impossible for employees to execute their options. Despite that, corporate accountants still must report all associated expenses. This also opens up stockholders to the risk of option overhang. Learn more: http://jeremy-goldstein.wikidot.com/


Many employees dont want to take the risk of this type of compensation method. Many employees know that sudden economic declines can turn these options worthless. Employees see this type of compensation as casino chips more than physical cash.


Companies also do not like stock options because they can cause massive accounting burdens. The related costs often negate any financial advantages of the derivatives. Some employees don’t see this benefit as valuable as increased wages, which employers could offer if stock options were eliminated.


Despite the critics and complaints, there are some advantages. It’s still a preferred type of compensation when compared to increased wages, equities or more insurance coverage. Stock options are easier for staff members to understand. The are also something given to all employees that are of the same value. Stock options also only boost personal income if the company’s share value increases. This gets employees to work harder and keep the company growing successfully. Employees will also work at keeping current customers and bringing in new customers.


For those companies who still want to award options to employees, Jeremy Goldstein suggests offering knockout options. Knockout options are very similar to regular options. However, employees will lose them if the share value falls below a set value.


Jereremy Goldstein is a corporate lawyer who specializes in corporate governance and executive compensation. Goldstein has over 15 years of experience as a business lawyer. Jeremy Goldstein established his own law firm after working as a partner at another firm. Holdstein has been a key player in many corporate transactions that involved many top-tier companies such as Verizon, Chevron and Duke Energy.

Securus Technologies: Hanging up Prison calls

Robert Johnson, a South Florida resident, and an ex-corrections officer was targeted by a prison inmate who had a cell phone is working towards disconnecting inmates’ cell phones so that what happened to him won’t happen to other people. He ended up being shot six times in his stomach and chest. Johnson, who now works for Securus Technologies as a paid consultant aims at managing access to inmates’ cell phones to stop them from making calls.


Johnson has been addressing his horror story for almost seven years. It is because of this that he is motivated to keep cell phones away from prison inmates. Robert says that inmates having access to cell phones is a threat to the community. Back in 2010, when he used to stay at Delray Beach, he worked at a correctional institution in South Carolina. Johnson’s primary duty was to seize contraband. He was so dedicated to his work that he ended up being shot.


He recalls intercepting a considerable package about two weeks before he got shot. The bag of contraband was believed to belong to a prison gang and was valued at $50,000. He recalls hearing a boom at his front door on the morning of March 5, 2010, when he got up. He immediately knew that it was a hit. He says he called the burglar to the hallway to prevent him from going to his bedroom. After a short struggle, the intruder pushed him backward and raised his gun towards him. He was shot six times in his chest and stomach.


When he got to the hospital, he was in critical condition. The doctors and hospital chaplain told his wife to wait for the worst. To date, he says his survival was a miracle. In March, Johnson faced the Federal Communications Commission during a hearing about addressing the issue of controlling cell phones in prisons. The FCC is directly involved with calls made from anywhere as it regulates airwaves that are used cell phone providers. Johnson decided to dedicate his career to fight against smuggled cell phones in prisons and jamming signals from prisons.


Secures Technologies, where he now works as a consultant uses a Wireless Containment System to stop inmates’ cell phone calls. A Securus spokesperson explained that they are setting up a cell phone network. Once an inmate’s phone connects to the network and they dial a number, Securus chooses what to do with the dialed number. Their antenna has a powerful signal to phones, and it attracts all phone calls received and made from prisons. He goes on to explain that only known numbers can connect. Secures technologies say their system has blocked 1.7 million calls from prisons throughout the country.

Equities First Holdings Moves Into Europe Well

The French Tribune has a story on Equities First Holdings, and this company has made sure that they can offer the best loans to people who want them around Europe. The European markets need loans for people who have small financial needs or just businesses that need a little bit more money.

Everyone who is working with the Equities First Holdings gets to have better service and a person who will look out for them and their account. It is pretty simple for someone to get the best of the loan market from an underwriter from the Equities First staff.The company has offices that people can come into at any time, and they can get personalized services that they can use to get their loans completed. Each loan that has been set up will be much easier to pay off, and they will all have the loans crafted for their needs.


Human rights and the organizations that fight for them

Organizations that fight for human rights continue to be the backbone of every democratic regime as well as the hope for those that find themselves in oppressive regimes this why their services are always very critical to those that have been treated in a way that is less than what is expected for any human being. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/ and https://about.me/michael-lacey

The organizations play a critical in the united states as well as the world over and their efforts are widely recognized and appreciated by citizens.Some of the most vocal organizations include

Amnesty International

This organization began as a way to fight for a few people who had been illegally detained as before long it had grown and metamorphosed to one of the biggest human rights organizations around the world.Their efforts have been so critical in the fight for human rights that they were awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The organization continues to achieve even greater strides in even the most isolated of countries around the world. Their efforts have seen more than 150 people be granted there freedom back after being detained by their respective and foreign governments.

They work through well-established channels and this is specifically achieved by the use of a three-phased approach that includes identification of the agenda.Through their various subsidiaries across the world Amnesty international establi9shes something that requires their attention.

The second phase involves investigation this is where they get the best on that specific case working towards establishing the truth of the situation.Once the truth has been acquired this is what dictates the actions that are taken in the third phase. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

This phase involves actions such as community mobilization and teaching on the specific issues with the support of the affected community they are able to achieve more.

They also work through litigation and advocacy.In the united states, Amnesty International engages local leaders at the state level as well as those at the federal level which has led to numerous success stories.

The Frontera fund

This is a fund that was started by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin both successful journalists in their own right and media owners too.

They began the Frontera fund by using a 3.75 Million settlement that was awarded to them by the ninth circuit appeals court from the Maricopa County.

This was an award for the violation of their first amendment rights as well as illegal arrest and detention.The fund has been very instrumental in the fight for human and migrant rights especially among the Hispanic community of Arizona.