Jeremy Goldstein explaining knockout options to corporate executives

Companies have begun eliminating stock options from employee benefit packages. Some companies are doing so in order to save money. However, there are other reasons and tend be more complex. Three major concerns arise that convince companies to stop offering stock options.


When the stock value drops suddenly, it will make it nearly impossible for employees to execute their options. Despite that, corporate accountants still must report all associated expenses. This also opens up stockholders to the risk of option overhang. Learn more:


Many employees dont want to take the risk of this type of compensation method. Many employees know that sudden economic declines can turn these options worthless. Employees see this type of compensation as casino chips more than physical cash.


Companies also do not like stock options because they can cause massive accounting burdens. The related costs often negate any financial advantages of the derivatives. Some employees don’t see this benefit as valuable as increased wages, which employers could offer if stock options were eliminated.


Despite the critics and complaints, there are some advantages. It’s still a preferred type of compensation when compared to increased wages, equities or more insurance coverage. Stock options are easier for staff members to understand. The are also something given to all employees that are of the same value. Stock options also only boost personal income if the company’s share value increases. This gets employees to work harder and keep the company growing successfully. Employees will also work at keeping current customers and bringing in new customers.


For those companies who still want to award options to employees, Jeremy Goldstein suggests offering knockout options. Knockout options are very similar to regular options. However, employees will lose them if the share value falls below a set value.


Jereremy Goldstein is a corporate lawyer who specializes in corporate governance and executive compensation. Goldstein has over 15 years of experience as a business lawyer. Jeremy Goldstein established his own law firm after working as a partner at another firm. Holdstein has been a key player in many corporate transactions that involved many top-tier companies such as Verizon, Chevron and Duke Energy.

Securus Technologies: Hanging up Prison calls

Robert Johnson, a South Florida resident, and an ex-corrections officer was targeted by a prison inmate who had a cell phone is working towards disconnecting inmates’ cell phones so that what happened to him won’t happen to other people. He ended up being shot six times in his stomach and chest. Johnson, who now works for Securus Technologies as a paid consultant aims at managing access to inmates’ cell phones to stop them from making calls.


Johnson has been addressing his horror story for almost seven years. It is because of this that he is motivated to keep cell phones away from prison inmates. Robert says that inmates having access to cell phones is a threat to the community. Back in 2010, when he used to stay at Delray Beach, he worked at a correctional institution in South Carolina. Johnson’s primary duty was to seize contraband. He was so dedicated to his work that he ended up being shot.


He recalls intercepting a considerable package about two weeks before he got shot. The bag of contraband was believed to belong to a prison gang and was valued at $50,000. He recalls hearing a boom at his front door on the morning of March 5, 2010, when he got up. He immediately knew that it was a hit. He says he called the burglar to the hallway to prevent him from going to his bedroom. After a short struggle, the intruder pushed him backward and raised his gun towards him. He was shot six times in his chest and stomach.


When he got to the hospital, he was in critical condition. The doctors and hospital chaplain told his wife to wait for the worst. To date, he says his survival was a miracle. In March, Johnson faced the Federal Communications Commission during a hearing about addressing the issue of controlling cell phones in prisons. The FCC is directly involved with calls made from anywhere as it regulates airwaves that are used cell phone providers. Johnson decided to dedicate his career to fight against smuggled cell phones in prisons and jamming signals from prisons.


Secures Technologies, where he now works as a consultant uses a Wireless Containment System to stop inmates’ cell phone calls. A Securus spokesperson explained that they are setting up a cell phone network. Once an inmate’s phone connects to the network and they dial a number, Securus chooses what to do with the dialed number. Their antenna has a powerful signal to phones, and it attracts all phone calls received and made from prisons. He goes on to explain that only known numbers can connect. Secures technologies say their system has blocked 1.7 million calls from prisons throughout the country.

Equities First Holdings Moves Into Europe Well

The French Tribune has a story on Equities First Holdings, and this company has made sure that they can offer the best loans to people who want them around Europe. The European markets need loans for people who have small financial needs or just businesses that need a little bit more money.

Everyone who is working with the Equities First Holdings gets to have better service and a person who will look out for them and their account. It is pretty simple for someone to get the best of the loan market from an underwriter from the Equities First staff.The company has offices that people can come into at any time, and they can get personalized services that they can use to get their loans completed. Each loan that has been set up will be much easier to pay off, and they will all have the loans crafted for their needs.


Human rights and the organizations that fight for them

Organizations that fight for human rights continue to be the backbone of every democratic regime as well as the hope for those that find themselves in oppressive regimes this why their services are always very critical to those that have been treated in a way that is less than what is expected for any human being. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

The organizations play a critical in the united states as well as the world over and their efforts are widely recognized and appreciated by citizens.Some of the most vocal organizations include

Amnesty International

This organization began as a way to fight for a few people who had been illegally detained as before long it had grown and metamorphosed to one of the biggest human rights organizations around the world.Their efforts have been so critical in the fight for human rights that they were awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The organization continues to achieve even greater strides in even the most isolated of countries around the world. Their efforts have seen more than 150 people be granted there freedom back after being detained by their respective and foreign governments.

They work through well-established channels and this is specifically achieved by the use of a three-phased approach that includes identification of the agenda.Through their various subsidiaries across the world Amnesty international establi9shes something that requires their attention.

The second phase involves investigation this is where they get the best on that specific case working towards establishing the truth of the situation.Once the truth has been acquired this is what dictates the actions that are taken in the third phase. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

This phase involves actions such as community mobilization and teaching on the specific issues with the support of the affected community they are able to achieve more.

They also work through litigation and advocacy.In the united states, Amnesty International engages local leaders at the state level as well as those at the federal level which has led to numerous success stories.

The Frontera fund

This is a fund that was started by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin both successful journalists in their own right and media owners too.

They began the Frontera fund by using a 3.75 Million settlement that was awarded to them by the ninth circuit appeals court from the Maricopa County.

This was an award for the violation of their first amendment rights as well as illegal arrest and detention.The fund has been very instrumental in the fight for human and migrant rights especially among the Hispanic community of Arizona.


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) leader; Geottl, through its experts has devised various means of ensuring maximum productiveness of air conditioning systems at affordable costs. These ways include routine maintenance of air conditioning systems preferably performed by professionals, use of ceiling fans to regulate heat and spread freshly conditioned hair throughout rooms with no supplementary energy required, adequate shading of air conditioning systems to keep them cool and use of thermostats to adjust room temperatures as appropriate. Geottl through the above approaches targets to help people save on costs and the amount of energy input in air conditioning. Services provided by Goettl to its customers are: installation and repair of air conditioners, installation, and repair of heat pumps, sealing of ducts, installation of HAVC, preventive and repair maintenance among others. (

Goettl Air Conditioning Company is a pioneer and a world-class company in the generation of air cooling equipment and services. It was established and launched in the year 1926 by three brothers namely, John, Adam and Bill Geottl in Mansfield, Ohio. However,a few years later,the company was relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. This shift led to an immense growth of the company. Today, Goettl Air Conditioning Company extends its services throughout Tucson, Phoenix, South California and Las Vegas.Ted and Adam, the grandsons of Goettl, established Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical in the year 2013 as a continuation of their family custom of provision and servicing of comfort systems throughout central and northern Arizona.

According to crunchbase, Goettl Air Conditioning Company is highly committed to meeting each of their customers’ needs to ensure the environmental conditions in their homes and business places are as comfortable as possible. Goettl achieves customer comfort through recommendation and combination of most appropriate and reliable air conditioning systems. Unfavorable room conditions such as excess heat and humidity are expelled bringing about comfort required.

Oncotarget’s Role in Diseases’ Research and Study

The Oncotarget journal is not only peer-reviewed but also open-access and addresses medical issues. The matters discussed in this case often concerns oncology. Regarding the oncological field, the broad focus has its concern within the causative agents of the entire cancer types together with the various treatment modes involved in the treatment of individuals that have cancer. The areas covered include but not limited to aging, microbiology, immunology, and chromosomes. Additionally, the analysis of the journal covers the various modes of carrying out therapy on the patients through the utilization of metrics which includes the complete patient satisfaction inclusive of the life quality that the patients encounter after the treatment.

It is a similar analysis that helps in the consistent provision of ways that enhances therapy’s efficiency on the patients. It also raises the level of appreciation by the patients concerning the cancer treatment they receive. Its founding took place in 2010, and the journal already executed the publication of seven editions. This adds up to three-hundred-and-twenty-four issues. Presently, they are working on the publication of the eighth edition. It is worth acknowledging the thorough scrutiny of their publications which is done by professionals. This entails strict adherence to all the guidelines and policies of the professional publications. Following Research Gates’ statistics, the publication of the journals is enhanced by the Impact Journal. It is remarkable that 3.45 is the present journal impact.

Notably, the rating is quite significant in measuring the specific journal. This depends on its citations over some period.Initially, Oncotarget’s publication used to happen once a week. However, the rate of publication is twice the original one. This follows the rise in its importance. Such an achievement is with regards to their objective of rapidity alongside research related to medical. This has a direct impact on the practitioners within the field.The fact that the company has exemplary researchers facilitates its work in consolidating the integrated action of various research personnel within the field. This is in line with their objective of attaining a globe without diseases.In the offer of certainty to both the contributors and readers, the firm ensured that their already published medical publications would keep appearing at the key publications which include PubMed Central, EMBASE, as well as Scopus.

“Larkin & Lacey: Furthering Justice One Day At A time!”

Soil testing on many reservations throughout the U.S. show that the ground has high concentrations of uranium, pollution and insecticide contaminants. The Pine Ridge Reservation in particular, has extremely high levels of uranium. This is largely in part to the land being used to specifically mine for it and also it was used as a shooting range for the United States Army.

That being said, women who live on these reservations, starting as far back as the 1970s, were becoming sterile as a result. Most of these women who were diagnosed sterile or who had given birth to children with side-effects had no idea what was causing the unfortunate phenomena to occur.

They only knew it was happening to a lot of the women they knew in their community. Thankfully, the organization Women of All Red Nations took the matter in their own hands to sound the alarm and bring awareness to the need for cleaning the land up and purifying the water.

WARNS mission is to advocate for Native American women’s physical health, enforce the treaties that were signed by the U.S. government, stop the use of native American mascots for any sporting event and contend with the dissemination and propagation of Native heritage.

WARN did extensive research and interviewed women on the Pine Ridge reservation in correlation with doctors and other research professionals and determined that over half of the women were sterile. As a result of WARNS efforts, guidelines and laws were issued by the government in regard to the uranium and sterilization.

Groups like WARN are essential to bringing awareness to the atrocities, misgivings, corruption and truth to the world so that they can be put to an end.

Quite like the Women of All Red Nations, the Frontera Fund was established by a couple of reporters, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, to expose corruption and assist Hispanic immigrant causes in the Arizona region. Thanks to the reporter’s investigative journalism skills, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was sued in court for falsely holding and arresting Lacey and Larkin.

They discovered fiscal irregularities and before they could publish their findings in the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, were intentionally thrown in jail and their resources were seized. Court proceedings held against the sheriff resulted in a lawsuit that compensated his wrongs in the amount of $3.75 million.

Through the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund, many challenging matters and causes have been resolved and seen compensation or justice of some means. Today the Frontera Fund is stronger than ever.

The Frontera website is a wealth of resources and information on current news and causes Larkin and Lacey are furthering with their financial backing. One such case involves the MAVNI program which surrounds immigrants who would like to enlist in our military.

The MAVNI plan allows them to have a contract with the military if they have skills that are conducive to our country. The government, however, has canceled these pre-existing contracts and the Frontera organization is exposing it.

Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter

Customer Review of NewsWatch TV

These days, it is rare for people to spend time in front of their screens for long as they did before. Most times, they are busy working during the day, and when they come home, they are too tired and just want to rest. This has to lead to the reduced time spent watching T.V. They wake up early and are out of the house by 8 in the morning.
NewsWatch understands this that is why it is a morning show, precisely at seven am and for just 30 minutes. To top up to the good news is that, it uniquely conveys information satisfying both the customer’s needs and the producer’s wants. They have been doing this information giving job since 1990 and with over 1000 episodes. They pass information that affects the consumer directly.
It has a team of professionals who simplify the requirements of the customer by drawing out time-sensitive scripts for airing. This gets rid of unnecessary contexts thus ensuring straight to the point information delivery. This 30 minutes show is watched by the old and young, thus the need to keep it short, exciting and fun to watch.
An explicit example of how helpful NewsWatch was to Saygus brand. They say that NewsWatch is professional and it delivered their message to the right media in the right way and at the right time. They did it in an excellent way which delivered to their customers what they wanted to say. It also told the consumers what they wanted to hear thus increasing their sales. It passed the message worldwide, and they provided them with excellent customer experience.They go further to even recommend NewsWatch to any businesses who want to market their brand. It is because of their professionalism and the results it helped them achieve. They exceeded their estimated number of sales by 300000.

Status of human rights- A look at the role of advocates for civil, human and migrant rights

Human rights are a set of universal rules that guide the way human beings should relate and interact with one another. Human rights are enshrined in the 1948’s United Nations General Assembly Universal Human Rights Declaration. These regulations were passed after the Second World War. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

There was increased concern that with the killing that had been witnessed during the world wars, the respect and dignity of the human life were greatly eroded. There was a need to restore the sanctity of life. The human rights declaration consists of rights that should be granted to every person no matter where they live.

Human rights are universal and have no limit to where they can be applied. The issue of human rights has been a touchy issue when it comes to addressing the topic of immigration. There are these misconceptions that an immigrant is not entitled to the same rights as s citizen. This is completely wrong.

As far as the issue of human rights is concerned, an immigrant is protected by the human rights declaration. The fact you have moved from one country to another is simply exercising the freedom of movement. It should not be used as a reason for harassing immigrants.

For a long time now the united states have been struggling with the issue of immigration. Its southern border especially has been very porous. This has made the country put some measures that are meant to curb this vice. In the Trumps administration, the rights of immigrants seem to be curtailed by far. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

He has proposed that there be constructed a wall that will prevent the Hispanic s from accessing the nation through the border, although this is meant to control entry into the country, the move is likely to trigger a case of human rights violation.

According to the human rights regulations, there should be no restrictions in terms of movement for human beings. Everyone has a right to move settle and even work in another country. What Trumps is trying to do is to curtail the right to movement.

The southern border is not new to drama. Thousands of immigrants into the U.S are captured at the border point and put in concentration camps awaiting deportation back to their countries. These camps have inhumane conditions that not even a migrant should be subjected to. First of all the act of detention is illegal, then the facilities lack access to basic human needs. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Human rights groups in the area have been trying to come up with ways of addressing the problems being witnessed at the border. Many organizations, especially in Arizona, have been highlighting the plight of these detainees who are being denied the very basic needs that every human being deserves, in the form of water, food, and shelter.

One organization which has been working closely with these organizations is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Frontera Fund was established with the aim of financing other rights groups in the state of Arizona. In recognition of the good work that various groups were doing, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the founders of this organization, decided to set aside money for supporting such groups.

Today, the fund has supported many organizations in Arizona.

Sunday Housecall With Dr. David Samadi: An Appointment You’ll Want To Keep

David Samadi, a regular Fox News Contributor and Chairman of Urology & Chief of Robotic Surgery at New York City’s Lenox Hill Hospital is the host of a new show on Fox News Channel named “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi.” In addition to being broadcast on Fox News Channel, viewers can watch the program online at, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. The show will feature trending topics in medicine and health. Other general health topics that will be covered will be diet, exercise, prostate health, and common diseases, in addition to a summary of men’s and women’s health issues.

In addition to featuring Dr. David Samadi answering viewer’s questions, the show will feature a number of guests. These guests will be specialists in a variety of health and wellness fields, and will talk about current health topics and give advice and tips to the general public on how to improve their everyday life.

Dr.Samadi is a board-cerified, highly decorated surgeon and urologic oncologist. He is a pioneer and expert in robotic prostate surgery. He has performed over 6000 prostate surgeries in the past decade, practicing in over 45 different countries. He is the developer of the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment (SMART) which has revolutionized the success rate of prostate cancer surgeries. Using the SMART technique, nearly 90% of his patients have remained cancer free, a remarkable percentage of patients.

After graduating from the Stony Brook School of Medicine in 1994, Dr. Samadi had postgraduate education at Montefiore Medical Center and at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He also had a fellowship at the Sloan Memorial Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, and a fellowship in France in robotic radical prostatectomy at the Henri-Mondor Hospital Creteil.

Due to his extensive education and success rate, as well as the development of the SMART surgery technique, he was named to the Castle Connoly America’s Top Doctors. Before joining Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, Dr. Samadi was the Vice Chair of the Department of Urology at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. In addition to his current position, he is a professor of Urology at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine. He is a member of both the American Urological Association and the American Medical Association.

Find more about Dr. David Samadi: