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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is responding to action calls regarding title defects by making property reports accessible online. According to the Palm Harbor, these title defect issues have become one of the main concerns in real estate. According to the company, their executives are holding property records to ensure a property conveyance of titles to reduce the ability of foreclosure and buyback risks. A leading document-processing and research provider for the financial industry and mortgage, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc., has taken action to make the securing property process simpler. For this reason, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has recently launched a website to publish mortgage and property reports online.


While these title defects occur when an entity or a person claims a property opened by another individual, they may also include various factors to invalidate a title. They include:


  • Failure to follow filing or recording procedures when recording your property documents
  • Previous encumbrances and liens that have not been removed( the title must be encumbrances-free to become marketable)
  • Failure to include a party signature necessary to complete the transaction. This includes a spouse name wherever it is needed.
  • Simple wording issues in the document that has no compliance with property standards in the region.


For this reason, the CEO of Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc., addresses the defects before the titles are processed. Properties must not be sold before the proper documentation is made. For the company to assist the mortgage industry, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has done numerous reports concerning real estates. Some of them include:


  • Tax Status (Plus) Report
  • Current Owner Report (O&E—Ownership & Encumbrance Report)
  • Assignment Verification Report Services
  • Tax Status Report


The Chief Executive Officer of Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc., John Hillman, said that the company is determined to provide a fast, simple, step-by-step property securing process. According to him, their properties are based on a conducted research from the national land records. Therefore, they are accessible property in the country.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. obtains its information from numerous sources. As a matter of fact, they include an automation process for human verification. Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. gives this practice to assist the large mortgage lenders to comply with the national laws. Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. officials say that their new procedure is fast, accurate and reliable.

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