Richard Blair: The Investment and Wealth Solutions Expert

The Investment and Wealth Solutions expert, Richard Blair, is an experienced entrepreneur who has drawn his inspirations from the education industry since childhood. His parents were both teachers, and that enabled him to experience firsthand how education transforms lives of individuals.

Blair went ahead to form the Wealth Solutions firm with headquarters in Austin, Texas. Through the company, he offers expert wealth and investment advice to clients across the globe.

After graduating from college in 1993, he began his career in financial advisory, and just a year later, founded his investment advisory firm. Blair particularly advises his clients on how to save for their long-term retirement plans.

Financial Advisory

Wealth Solutions provide tailor made services meant to grow the clients’ investments and protect their assets. The clients experience friendly and accommodating partnership in Richard Blair: a certified expert in financial management with CAS, RICP, CES, and CFS.

The Financial Planning, Then Wealth Solutions

Blair believes that every person deserves a solid financial plan that steers them to future prosperity. He aims to equip the communities in Austin, Texas with all the relevant skills in wealth management and retirement planning.

According to Manta, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions plan by Blair takes a 3-pillar approach. Every pillar is critical in creating a holistic plan that differs from client to client.

Pillar 1: This pillar is designed to assist the customer put down their financial roadmap. It highlights their goals in life, strengths, weaknesses, risk tolerance, and the available growth opportunities. By understanding your financial situation and your past experiences, it becomes easier to draw a roadmap for future economic endeavors.

Pillar 2: This pillar aims to build a long-term financial strategy based on your individual investment needs.

The Wealth Solutions will also assist clients to reallocate and manage assets so as to ensure maximum performance of their portfolio. That is achieved by taking advantage when the market is ripe and reducing risks of investing during low periods.

Pillar 3: After determining your goals and laying down strategies to meet them, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions will arrange for your insurance needs. This may involve annuities, life insurance, and long-term covers.

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