Reasons you Should Consider Using FreedomPop Review

FreedomPop is a high-speed internet providing free phone services and fast Internet to all people. It is one of the major internet providers, providing a 4G network to over 70 cities nationwide. This FreedomPop review outlines reasons you should consider using their services.


On January 2015, FreedomPop introduced low-cost Wi-Fi in the US where users get automatic access to 10 million hotspots across the country for only $5 monthly.


Free Monthly 1GB Data


Once you sign up for their services, you get access to free texts, calls, and the internet, although they are limited. This free package has a standard of 200 texts, 200 minutes call, and 200 MB data monthly which is available for a lifetime.


Similarly, the first 10,000 people to sign up get 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 1GB data free within the first month. All home users also get free monthly 1GB data; all they need to do is pay a one-time fee for the router and modem.


Affordable Monthly Rates


FreedomPop’s most expensive data plan comes way cheaper than most other companies most affordable plans. It also offers you a reasonable download speed. Despite having a limited data limit, the tradeoff is worth it and especially if you are not a frequent internet user.


Purchasing the equipment is not as expensive, considering the packages offering you free monthly data. FreedomPop should, therefore, be on top of your list if all you are looking or is a 4G internet provider.


Data Roll Over, but for a Price


If you are not a frequent data user, the chances are that the month will end without having exhausted your subscribed data. Good news, however, is that FreedomPop gives you an opportunity to roll over your data but for a fee.


For instance, you are remaining with 500MB; you can roll it over for £1.49, which is not a lot of money. You have an opportunity to roll over the data up to 20GB. This data can save you big time if you are in a place without WI-FI hotspots or you are experiencing a heavy month.


Easy to Sign Up


Signing up for FreedomPop services is quite easy. All you need to do is visit their site and enter your address to see whether they are offering services in your area. You will then n be directed to the page where you choose your preferred monthly plan. They have 5 available data plans with the free plans, the 2GB and 4GB available once you signup.


National Radio Hall of Famer Norman Pattiz Launches Beyond the Darkness

Norman Pattiz was born in 1943 and is known as an American broadcasting entrepreneur. At the top of the list of his many accomplishments, Pattiz founded Westwood One in 1974 and led it to become America’s largest radio network of news. The radio network provides listeners with the latest information on sports, entertainment, and traffic.


In 2000, President Clinton appointed Pattiz to serve on the Broadcast Board of Governors of the United States of America, he was later reappointed by President Bush. He was accountable for creating and bringing Americas Arabic language radio and television services to all countries in the Middle East. Pattiz was recognized for his significant contributions to the radio industry and inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009.

In 2010, Pattiz created Courtside Entertainment Group where he later introduced Podcast One and PodcastOne Sales, which soon became the leader in national podcast marketing and sales. He became Executive Chairman at Podcast One in 2016 and was CEO until June 23, 2016. PodcastOne hosts more than 200 of today’s most famous podcasts including Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Shaquille O’Neal and Chris Webber.


Norman Pattiz recently announced his newest podcast titled “Beyond the Darkness.” It is the newest show on WWE superstar Chris Jericho’s podcast network, which is under the PodcastOne umbrella. The new podcast will feature unique and entertaining conversations with well-known researchers. One goal of the podcast is to challenge the listeners and help provide them with information about ghosts, aliens, mysteries and plenty more popular encounters with the unknown. Both Norman Pattiz and Chris Jericho have high hopes for Beyond the Darkness, which will air as a podcast to the Jericho Network.


Get Started With A Better Loan When You Refinance Your Car With Ignition Financial

There’s nothing like having your own car, whether it’s your first car or a series of cars that you are buying for one reason or another. Having a car is empowering and can definitely help you to get from one place to another, even if it’s just for yourself and not for transporting others. The only thing about having a car is how costly it can be, and some of these costs can’t be avoided. The monthly car payments can be very expensive, especially when the financier is unwilling or unable to give a better interest rate to the customer.


The only thing that can solve the problem of high monthly payments is to get the car refinanced, but where should you start?  Even if you’ve shopped around, you should still try Ignition Financial because they’ll be able to shop around on their own to get you the best loan rates when you refinance your car. Refinancing is an easy process, especially when you work with the right people, so get started by putting in your online application. You may be worried about your credit, but the fact is, if you’ve been paying on your car payments, your credit rating may have changed.


Even someone with fair or bad credit can get it in a better place when they continue making payments on their car, and this gets better over the years if they have a car loan that lasts for several years. Even if you’ve been paying on your car for years, don’t let it discourage you from getting refinanced, especially since this is the best time for you to do it because you have a recorded history of on-time payments.


Ignition Financial can set you up with a lender that will lower your interest rates and can give you some terms for your loan that may be a lot better for you, so you’ll have an easier time paying off your. Get your car refinanced right away, and you’ll have a month before you have to make your first payment, which may possibly be able to give you a short break from your payments. You’re not necessarily stuck with the loan you got when you first purchased your car, especially if you’re willing to ‘slash my payments’ with Ignition Financial.


Although there may have been some problems in your past with your previous lender, let Ignition Financial show you that not all lenders are the same. You can get your car refinanced in a short time span and will be saving money on a monthly basis. Not everyone can say that their current loan is a good one that’s saving them money, but those working with Ignition Financial will be able to say this.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics success

Kate Hudson is a very popular and highly sought after actress. While she became famous for her acting ability and her famous family, she is becoming well known now as a successful business woman. She helped create what is becoming one of the fastest growing clothing companies and is taking on giants like Amazon and large retailers in a big way. Her company, Fablectics, is revolutionizing the athletic apparel industry and becoming quite the success story while doing so.


Fablectics was created and launched by Kate Hudson and Co-CEO’s, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. They started the company when they noticed a hole in the activewear industry. There were plenty of luxury brands of activewear, but none that offered affordable, stylish wear that everyday people could afford. Not only activewear that people could afford, activewear people would enjoy wearing and find stylish and trendy as well. With these ideas in mind, these three people launched Fablectics in 2013, and the quick success of their company shows that they did stumble onto a need in the activewear clothing market.


Fablectics business model is to sell activewear to consumers through a subscription service. Consumers like companies that are unique, but that allow them to show their personality in a comfortable and affordable way. Mix their fantastic, comfortable activewear with the convenience of a membership, you have a wonderful combination for consumers and sales.


The customer starts their subscription by taking a quiz to customize their choices and shopping experience. Their website then becomes like a personal shopper and is tailored to their unique style and preference. Once you have preferences set, you get new comfortable activewear delivered to you at an affordable price. Comfort, style, and convenience without leaving your house.


This model has equaled success for Fabletics. The membership has allowed them to personalize each customer’s experience. They are able to offer them trendy, high end activewear for a fraction of the price of their competitors. Such personalized services makes for happier customers because customers are happy when they receive what that want with great service and even better prices.


Many traditional brick and mortar stores are suffering from people coming into their stores to browse, and then purchasing those items online cheaper. Fablectics has changed that model and is using it for their benefit. Instead of online shopping being a negative for business, they are turning browsing in store and buying online into a positive. Fablectics stores have been built to learn more about their local markets through events and activities. Thirty to fifty percent of those who enter their stores are already Fablectics members. Another twenty five percent become members in store. Then when a customer shops in the store and tries clothing on, it goes into their online shopping cart as well, making it an interactive experience. For Fablectics, it does not matter if the customer buys in their store or online, their retail stores have just become another element of service for their customers.


Water is an essential basic need and people cannot live without. Specialty Food has it that Waiakea Water was started in the year 2012 by Ryan Emmons, the main objective of the mineral bottled water brand is to cumulate clean water stream in Hawaii and the whole world.

From the time it was launched the main focus is to purifying health condition in various countries through supplying sustainable and fresh water.

According to Organic Authority, the Waiakea water before being bottled it is sieved naturally through an extensive distance of volcanic rock the completion produce is good in electrolytes and rich mineral coming from the Waiakea spring, hence improving the normal taste of the water.

The corporation agreed to start a fresh business firm in Hawaii for the growth of its produce due to the request of the water brand in all over the continent, so there has been an increase of income in the company in a period of one year and also the name of the brand, as well as the outcome of the long participation with the corporation Pump Aid, it has newly declared the successful sponsorship of new pumps in Malawi. The lives of many people including the poor have massively enhanced due to the pumps. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

The pumps distribute healthy water to various societies, therefore many children are attending schools thus providing healthy food and the decline in water-borne infections, the brand has more than 500 million liters of donated water from the time they had partnered with Pump Aid.

The company charitable determination is contributing its trademark to various communities and also teaching the ones who need support, also it has broadened its operation of sustaining healthy natural products.

The company founder is certain that its association with bigger and resident firms will enhance the aims of the brand, through the Pump Aid water brand distributes an equivalent total of 650 liters in each little it sells. Waiakea water is acknowledged to have Carbon Neutral because of its exceptional features.

Investing In Gold Through The US Money Reserve

There are quite a few investors who are seeking a simple method for making money that ensures profits in the end. Everyone who wishes to profit on a new invest will find it simple to do so when there are gold coins in their safe, and they may purchase gold coins from he US Money Reserve. This article explains how the US Money Reserve offers the finest gold coins in the world to all their customers.


#1: Customers May Purchase Any Coin They Choose


The coins offered through the company come from a catalog that is filled with the most-beautiful coins in the world, and the coins are stamped with lovely designs that are quite difficult to forget. The coins may be purchased for their designs alone, or they may be purchased for the value inherent in the coins. The coins may be sold at any time, or they may fall into collections that are used for profit in the future.


#2: The Collector’s Plan For Investment


The collections may have more value because they are filled with many different coins, or collectors may purchase rare coins that will grow in value. Rare coins have quite a lot of value that will simply grow when the coins get older, and the US Money Reserve produces new coins every year that may become rare after they age.


#3: Selling Gold Coins In The Future


Selling gold coins is quite simple when collectors have built up a large set of coins. Every coin that is sold has its own value that may be calculated considering the value of gold on the market that day. The dealer that purchases the coins will pay the going rate for gold, and they will pay a premium for the design on the coin. The owner may charge a premium if a collector is interested in the coins, and they may ask for quite a lot of money that a collector will pay.


Everyone who wishes to invest in gold coins must ensure they have better coins from the US Money Reserve. Their coins are far more valuable than a standard coin, and the coins may be sold at any time when a profit is to be made for retirement or cash.

Learn more:,28.htm

See The World Through Different Eyes With A Magnises Membership

“The Life of Pablo Tour” by Kanye West was very successful and also had a lot of Magnises members attending it because they are allowed to buy tickets in bulk, which is not something that many other people were allowed to do. Even some of the other great tours that passed or are currently going on now were also attended by Magnises members because they got discounts or some type of special benefit. Beyoncé, Adele, and Justin Bieber were just some of the great artists. Attending an awesome concert is just one of the few perks that Magnises members get to have.

The entire basis of the Magnises membership is to get perks and benefits, and all of these benefits will be great for any Magnises member, whether they are a standard member or a Magnises Plus member. First, let’s explain the standard membership. The standard membership can be used and obtained by absolutely anyone in most age groups. Although it’s mostly people between the ages of 21 to 35 who have become Magnises members, everyone who is outside of this age group is still welcome to join as long as they are at least 21 or older.

With the standard membership on, no other passes are on the account but passes can always be added to the account. The passes that are currently being offered are the WorkPass, the HotelPass, the ClubPass, and the SportsPass. Either a standard Magnises member or a Magnises Plus member can add passes to their account.

Those who want to go for a Magnises Plus membership have to be invited personally by Billy McFarland or by someone from the head of Magnises. The cost of the Magnises Plus membership is $1000 per year, but with the perks that this membership is offering, many don’t mind paying the bill at Recently, those with a Magnises Plus membership were invited to an exclusive getaway to an island that allowed them to enjoy themselves after flying overseas on a private jet.

Also, anyone who becomes a Magnises Plus member will receive their very own gold card that’s personalized with their name on it. Every membership card on allows the usage of personal banking information to make the card become like a debit or credit card, which is a great benefit in itself. Every Magnises member will enjoy using any membership they get, whether it’s the standard membership or the plus membership. Magnises is always adding more membership benefits all the time, especially since they are working with over 50 partners and will continue to grow their partnerships to bring the best of everything to their members.