How Mike Baur has been Instrumental in Nurturing Young Entrepreneurs in Switzerland

Mike Baur is a private banking specialist of Swiss decent, who serves as the CEO of Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF). He is also the co-founder of SSUF. Before working as an executive for Swiss Startup Factory, Baur was a commercial apprentice. He once served as a member of UBS’s executive board. As a member of the council, Baur contributed to strategic planning insights meant to advance the private bank. Baur teamed up with his two friends, Max Meister, and Oliver Walzer, and founded the Swiss Startup Factory. The company operates independently as an ICT startup center.


Baur supports youth entrepreneurship endeavors. As a co-founder and director of the Swiss Startup Association, he mentors young entrepreneurs. Baur draws his skills of running startups from his academic training and unparalleled experience in the business world. Baur received his MBA from the renowned University of Rochester New York. He also attended the prominent University of Berne for an executive MBA.


Swiss Startup Factory’s Mission


Max Meister, Oliver Walzer, and Mike Baur founded Swiss Startup Factory with a universal mission. They wanted the company to focus on nurturing young talents in the entrepreneurship sector. One of the reasons why SSUF has excelled in Switzerland is because of its acceleration program. The program enables budding entrepreneurs to turn their dream of managing successful startups into a reality.


According to Baur, entrepreneurship allows people to conceptualize their ideas freely. He also believes that entrepreneurship leads to the creation of successful brands. SSUF’s fast-track acceleration program also provides the youth with mentorship. It stands out from other start-up accelerators in Switzerland because of its vision. The company is dedicated to investing in business ideas with a high likelihood of growth. As the brains behind SSUF, Meister, Walzer, and Baur focus on fostering entrepreneurship. Young entrepreneurs who sign up for the program receive financial support and mentorship.


Professional Achievements


Immediately after commencing his professional career, Baur participated in several start-up contests. For instance, he featured on the panel of judges during the Start Summiteers contest. The event took place at the St. Gallen University. As a jury member, he assessed the methods used by competitors to pitch their ideas. During his term as CEO, Swiss Startup Factory successfully signed an agreement with CTI Invest. The agreement entailed a partnership that would enable both companies to nurture young entrepreneurs. Once the companies merged, Baur became the deputy managing director of CTI Invest. Baur also oversaw the partnership agreement between Swiss Startup Factory and Goldback Group.



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