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Madison Street Capital was one of the financial companies that had an opportunity to be honored by M&A Advisors at their 15th Annual Awards. The M&A Awards is widely respected, and since its foundation, it has been acknowledging organization in the financial sector identifying their accomplishments, their contribution, as well as their professionalism in deal making. Madison Street Capital has been honored in two categories including Boutique Investment Bank of the Year International and Industrial Deal of the year. Previously the Investment Bank was recognized for the role thy played in the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A b y Dowco. Karl D’Cunha, the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, was led the deal.


Charles Botchway is the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital. After the presentation of the Awards, he said that they were excited to have assisted their long-term client Dowco to acquire Acuna & Asociados, and that they were honored to be the deal makers of the years. Charles did not forget to mention how their dealmakers work effortlessly to connect their customers with other expanding business for the advantage of their organizations. Mr. Botchway said that the purchase of Acuna was a complex one as it involved more movement but they were happy that Madison Street Capital was recognized for the work well done. The event to announce the winners took place at the New York Athletic Club.


Madison Street Capital is an Investment Banking Institution which was created with a primary purpose of delivering financial services and products to corporates, as well as other financial organizations. Some of the goods and services they have been providing include financial advisory services, mergers and acquisition, deal structuring, valuation, plan, and application of substitute exit strategy, and market pricing. Since its inception, Madison Street Capital offers their services and products with a strong foundation of reliability, obligation, excellence, management, and service delivery.


Madison Street Capital values their customers, and they deliver affordable services with understanding, vast experience, and a quick response to their clients’ financial challenge. The investment banking institution, have a staff with a broad knowledge in the financial sector who have built a strong relationship with their customers and can match buyers and sellers, and also match the appropriate financing and capitalization to each client. The company prides itself for assisting hundreds of organizations to realize and accomplish their long term goals. Madison Street Capital reputation has given them an opportunity to be a leading provider of financial products and services for its knowledge in corporate finance and corporate supremacy.


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Choosing A Reliable Investment Advisor

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A powerful and Influential Force in Community Development Business

Kevin Seawright is an administrative leader and manager well known for his expertise and strategic financial ability in attaining organizational short and long term objectives.

With an extensive experience of over 13 years in financial operations, he has managed to use his economic strategies to assist distinct communities in the East Coast improve their lives. Currently, Kevin Seawright works at Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC) as the chief financial officer and vice president.

Career Beginnings

According to Market Wired, Kevin Seawright started his career in Baltimore, Maryland with a public sector position. After eleven solid years of experience in real estate and education fields, he took his expertise to the private industry. With a lifelong commitment of improving living conditions of urban communities, he has showed great passion and enthusiasm in his projects.

Having worked in Philadelphia for community betterment even as a boy, he credits his guardians for having instilled in him the principles and passion of financial stewardship by allowing him sign up for amazing youth programs. Learn more about Kevin Seawright: https://angel.co/kevin-seawright

His strong drive for social improvement has not waned in adulthood and this is clearly evident basing on the dedication and commitment he has shown at Newark.

His Success Strongholds

Kevin Seawright has had a long and impressing track record of achievements in both the public and private sectors in Newark CEDC. He has managed to formulate different strategies in the finance department with an aim of building responsive accounting and financial divisions that align with organizational goals.

Additionally, he has been able to devise a strategic planning process within the firm which has effectively and efficiently worked across different branches in Mid-Atlantic area. Increasing customer’s satisfaction a Newark is one of the biggest accomplishments that he has managed to attain through his career.

Additionally, he has intensified better human resource services by creating job opportunities, improving staff retention and improving company’s overall performance among others.


Having served in the education sector for some time, he voices on Twitter that both formal and online education are equally important in fostering change. He is acknowledged and credited with developing the executive leadership program that is being offered at University’s Mendoza College of Business.

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WEN by Chaz simplifies the beauty process and the time it takes to achieve it. And, WEN de-clutters the products in your cabinet. Hair is as unique as each woman is matchless. And while you may not be able to have Chaz Dean style your hair personally, you may get that salon hair care look with WEN by Chaz at home.

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