George Soros Political and Philanthropic Participation

The whole world recognizes George Soros as a billionaire who has a huge political influence in America as well as business magnitude worldwide. 86 years old George is a successful Hungarian-American investor who also participates in philanthropic works. He is the founder of the Soros Fund Management LLC and his current real time net worth as of February 2017 is USD 25.2 billion. He is among the 30 richest individuals globally.

About George Soros Early Life

Soros was born in Hungary as a Budapest. He fled the country in 1947 and enrolled himself at the London School of Economics where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and later a Masters in Philosophy, the knowledge that he uses to succeed in capital markets. While studying, Soros was also working as a waiter and a railway porter prior to getting his start in the finance at a merchant bank. Later he joined the Wall Street and in 1969 he established his own hedge fund, Double Edge, with USD 12 million. It was later renamed to Quantum Fund. With Stan Druckenmiller in 1992, Soros shorted the British pound and from it made such an extraordinary profit of USD 1 billion which made him be referred to as the man that broke the Bank of England and ever since has done great deals that make him the billionaire he is.

George is a renowned supporter of the American progressive and liberal political causes. He makes donations through the Open Society Foundations that he established. He has funded numerous political causes but after 2004, his main focus was on charitable works. His international foundations have given out more than USD 13 billion over the past 3 decades to nonprofits with the intention of safeguarding human rights, expanding healthcare access and education in the US and other parts of the world. He also makes donations to shape the democratic procedure Eastern Europe. In 2005, Soros played a formative role in launching the Democracy Alliance Read more on

George Soros Political Influence in 2016

George Soros is a fierce critic of President Donald Trump. He committed more than USD 25million is support of Hillary Clinton in various ways as well other Democratic candidates and causes. According to Politico, George Soros has consistently supported Democratic causes, immigration reform, religious tolerance, and criminal justice. Out of the amount donated in support of Hillary, some went to the Immigrant Voters Win, the Voting Rights Trust that was devoted to fighting conservative efforts to restrict voting, and also to a number of voter mobilization group. In as much as other elite liberal donors wrote big checks in aid of the campaigns, few bellwether the impact that Soros made.

Soros is an example of a leader that should be emulated. His works of philanthropy in various institutes is a show of how concerned he is making the society better.

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Positive Consumer Reviews Signal Securus Technologies’ Excellence

Securus Technologies, a prominent provider of technology to the corrections systems, decided to share its clients’ feedback publicly. The comments disclose how their consumers have used technology to avert and resolve delinquencies, including cases where prisoners attack each other.


Rick Smith, CEO at Securus, said that on a weekly basis, they come up with discoveries that contributor significantly in obviating crimes within incarceration areas. He further added that consumers provide a consistent response on how their inventions are aiding jailbirds, their families and parolees. Rick conclude by stating that his firm finds great pride in serving and protecting its fraternity.


Selected Customer Feedbacks


Clients acknowledged the essence of the LBS software. In partnership with other law enforcement agencies, the software was able to unearth vast amounts of illicit assets, as well as drug money.


In another instance, a customer intercepted a call in which two convicts and their mother were involved, using Securus infrastructure. One sibling was training the other, an innocent soul, on how to answer interrogative queries concerning a shooting incident. By tapping into such dialogues, the prosecution can develop stronger arguments which translate into a correct verdict by the judge.


Additionally, info obtained from phone calls has proved to be valuable. In a particular case, officials used the information as evidence to get an arrest warrant for a corruption suspect. The individual was later detained and charged for distribution of contraband.


Moreover, consumers recognized the important role played by Securus in the society. The company’s commitment to transform the correctional system while improving security standards particularly impressed the customers. Also, the establishment’s vision and continuous upgrading of its infrastructure have won over the hearts of many.


All in all, the positive responses from clients are a testament to Securus’ groundbreaking work in the correctional system. I highly recommend their exemplary services.

Tammy Mazzocco: Building a Career Based on Skills and Experience

The steady appreciation of property values across most parts of the country including Ohio has led to increased competition for properties. Individuals will disposable income are increasingly opting for properties market as an investment option. However, the recent bursting of the housing, which sent property prices tumbling calls for caution while making a decision to invest in the industry. Making an informed decision while investing in the industry will ensure that the mass foreclosures witnessed in the aftermath of the 2007 financial crisis can be mitigated. Since most customers lack the knowledge of the industry, it is imperative that they professional help from experienced real estate professionals capable of helping the find the right property for the right price. One such professional is Tammy Mazzocco; a Columbus-based licensed real estate agent with over twenty years of experience in the industry.

Career Profile

Tammy Mazzocco’s career as a licensed real estate agent is marked by making courageous career decisions and blazing a trail for her success. She started working in the industry in 1995 as a 19-year old secretary. Despite lacking experience, she successfully worked with the 9 commercial agents under the stable of her employer, Edwards Realty Company. During this period, she interacted and learned from some of the best in the industry, which heightened her interested in real estate management. She later received her license as a real estate agent in 1995; a move that set her on a successful and lifelong career marked by helping people find affordable properties in a highly competitive market, more details can be found on her Crunchbase profile.

After receiving her license, Tammy Mazzocco moved to Scotland Yard Condominiums as a condominium manager; a position she held for seven years. She later took on a managerial role at T&R Properties where she served as a property manager. She has held the position since 2000. During this period, she built a reputation as one of the leading real estate agents in Central Ohio. Visit her website for the details.

Skills and Qualifications

Tammy Mazzocco has built a successful career as a real estate agent in Central Ohio based on excellent communication skills, brainstorming, researching and testing of ideas and building and maintaining professional networks made up of key industry players. These inspirational individuals played a key role in her professional development including receiving of real estate agent and personal assistant licenses.

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Coming Up With Something New While Avoiding a Fad

The fashion and beauty market is one of the markets that go through the most changes. For one thing, there are always a ton of trends that come and go. In many cases, these trends are exclusively appearance based. However, there is often something new that comes up that has a great function to it. As a result, the world of fashion, health and beauty is forever changed. Among the areas that go through changes is the lip care area. There is a change occurring that is long overdue. One area is the lip balm area. Chapstick has long been the provider of lip care.

Now there is a new company that is bringing forth some new products that not only look and taste better but provide better overall care for lips. This company is called Evolution of Smooth. They offer a lot of EOS lip balm products that have been created with better ingredients. This makes it easier for people to keep their lips from peeling and cracking. Another factor behind the success of these products is the new flavors that they bring to Wal-Mart and Target shoppers. EOS has taken the time to be creative with the flavors they bring to the market.

Another factor that has been addressed in the lip balm market is the size and shape of the lip balm. Chapstick has offered their lip balm in the small and easy to lose form. EOS products come in larger forms and different shapes, This makes it a bit easier to find for people who have issues with their lips. People who struggle with their lips can have even more effective care. The effects of EOS lip balm are long lasting. While Chapstick has been effective for some people, EOS has proven to be the answer to the issues that people had with their lips for the longest time.

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Marc Sparks Has The Experience To Help Entrepreneurs With Every Aspect Of Business

For entrepreneurs that are getting started, the best thing they can do is get a mentor. One of the mentors they can look to is Marc Sparks. He is someone that has walked the path and has even ran into many obstacles. He has experienced a lot of different lessons and has learned from them.

Therefore, he is able provide advice on every aspect of business that would work for the entrepreneur and what would backfire on the entrepreneur. He is able to help his clients on every aspect of work that includes productivity, schedule, environment and other factors.

One of the aspects of business that he stresses the importance of is the environment. The environment has a surprising effect on business. There are some environments that encourage a lot of work. Also, there are many different aspects to the environment that has an effect on the productivity.

For instance, one is going to have a hard time working in a party environment where everything is messy. The only exception is if his environment is a party environment. Then again, there are people that have an amazing ability to focus. For others, distractions can be a major problem when it comes to productivity.

One thing that Marc Sparks has done was transform an office so that it can inspire people to be more productive. One of the best aspects of the new form of office is that it looks more professional. This often inspires more of a professional mindset from people that are willing to work and reach the goals that they have set for their business.

Also, the type of office environment encourages collaboration. Therefore, people will work together in order to bring their goals to life. This environment is a rather fun and productive environment that Marc Sparks put together.