Positive Consumer Reviews Signal Securus Technologies’ Excellence

Securus Technologies, a prominent provider of technology to the corrections systems, decided to share its clients’ feedback publicly. The comments disclose how their consumers have used technology to avert and resolve delinquencies, including cases where prisoners attack each other.


Rick Smith, CEO at Securus, said that on a weekly basis, they come up with discoveries that contributor significantly in obviating crimes within incarceration areas. He further added that consumers provide a consistent response on how their inventions are aiding jailbirds, their families and parolees. Rick conclude by stating that his firm finds great pride in serving and protecting its fraternity.


Selected Customer Feedbacks


Clients acknowledged the essence of the LBS software. In partnership with other law enforcement agencies, the software was able to unearth vast amounts of illicit assets, as well as drug money. With the use of this discovery, several grounds which were hitherto impossible to venture into were discovered. This assisted in the recovery of many assets that were almost written off.


In another instance, a customer intercepted a call in which two convicts and their mother were involved, using Securus infrastructure. One sibling was training the other, an innocent soul, on how to answer interrogative queries concerning a shooting incident. By tapping into such dialogues, the prosecution can develop stronger arguments which translate into a correct verdict by the judge.


Additionally, info obtained from phone calls has proved to be valuable. In a particular case, officials used the information as evidence to get an arrest warrant for a corruption suspect. The individual was later detained and charged for distribution of contraband.


Moreover, consumers recognized the important role played by Securus in the society. The company’s commitment to transform the correctional system while improving security standards particularly impressed the customers. Also, the establishment’s vision and continuous upgrading of its infrastructure have won over the hearts of many.


All in all, the positive responses from clients are a testament to Securus’ groundbreaking work in the correctional system. I highly recommend their exemplary services.

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