The Medical Care and Comfort that Copa Star offers

Copa Star is a modern medical facility that is located in the southern part of Rio de Janeiro. The hospital meets all the standard of a world-class healthcare center and also offers comfort and luxury to its patients. The architectural designs and decoration that have been used at the hospital make it resemble a five-star hotel. Its combination of state-of-the-art technology, luxury, and excellent medical care makes it stand out in Rio de Janeiro and the rest of Brazil. The concept was created by Rede D’Or São Luiz, which is an organization that is chaired by Jorge Moll. Moll is a revered cardiologist in Brazil. The cost of constructing Copa Star was about $400 million, and its development was started in 2013. Its establishment has enabled the people of Rio and Sao Paulo to access advanced medical care without traveling to other cities. View the design at RAF Arquitetura.

The hospital has unparalleled facilities. It has nine hi-tech operating rooms, 59 intensive care units, and a modern diagnostic park. The medical center has about 105 luxurious apartments that are used by the patients. It is also served by about 550 staff members of whom 113 are medical professionals. Copa Star has a smart hospitality system that offers independence to the patients. It is about 21,000 square meters big and has ample amenities that make the guests feel comfortable.

Copa Star is served by highly competent surgeons who have the skills that are needed in conducting sophisticated operations by using modern technology and techniques. The hospital also has hybrid rooms that allow quick recovery of individual who have undergone such surgical procedures. The accommodation services that it provides are personalized to meet the exact specifications of a patient.

The hospitals interior designs are highly innovative. It has two hallways that enable it to manage the flow of stretchers and medical professionals. This allows mobility, and the place is never congested. The corridors of the facility are always kept fresh and do not have the odor of medicine. The place also has insulated wall and is very serene. It has been decorated with various paintings that were created by Yutaka Toyota, who is a top Japanese painter.

Copa Star has the latest technology that enables its staff to offer exemplary services to the patients. It trains all its employees through simulations and practicals to ensure smooth operability. The hospital’s coaching programs are conducted during the first two months of service. Copa Star uses advanced treatment methods such as robotic medicine and telemedicine. It also has state-of-the-art neurosurgery rooms and hybrid rooms that have been fitted with integrated magnetic resonance equipment. The hospital accepts all type of private citizens. Individuals who seek its services can either pay by using cash or premium insurance cards.

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