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New Yorkers have a new convenient manner of locating experienced attorneys in their neighborhood to deal with legal matters like writing will, child custody, criminal matters, and landlord -tenant issues to mention a few. This has been made possible through LRIS’s online portal for seeking a qualified lawyer, together with You can access classified services 24/7 through


You will receive assistance immediately you log in to the site and fill the confidential form that entails a description of your legal concern and where you are situated. The questionnaire that you fill will then be reviewed by an officer who will match you with an appropriate attorney in your neighborhood or forward your application to the state bar association that is within your county. This referral service is non-payable, but a 35 dollar fee is paid if you chat with the lawyer paired to you for more than thirty minutes. Some legal issues are exempted from this fee, for example, medical malpractice and workers compensation issues.


You are not compelled to retain the legal representative that you are matched to, but if you are satisfied that the individual will perfectly represent your case, you will pay an amount that you agree with the attorney. The pairing of lawyers to clients has been ongoing for thirty-five years, and last year, more than ten thousand phone calls were received from the public. It is, therefore, a reliable system that will assist you to get the best legal representation that you deserve.


Lawyer Jeremy L. Goldstein

Jeremy is an associate at the Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates LLC. This law firm is committed to offering expert advice on corporate governance to company executives, CEOs, and management teams. Before establishing the Goldstein and Associates LLC, Jeremy worked with numerous law firms that exposed him to the experience that he has today.


Jeremy Goldstein serves as the Chairperson of the business section of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association’s Merger and Acquisition Subcommittee. He is an author as well as a speaker on matters relating to his field. He is a member of several boards and is also committed to charitable activities.

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