Fabletics Makes the Process of Shopping For Athletics Clothes Fun

Fabletics has become the type of website that people look forward to checking out. There are new garments posted every week. This is definitely something that lures women back to the website over and over again. There is no shortage of new stuff for people to see, and that is the reason that more people are going to be interested in shopping for clothes on this website.


Demi Lovato has gotten into the mix with the brand. Kate Hudson is providing customers with “Kate’s Picks” that highlight her favorite garments. There is a lot of star power associated with this brand. Even supermodel Chrissy Teigen has tweeted about how much she loves this brand. All of these are things that makes people take a good look at this brand and truly assess what Hudson is doing. She has proven herself to be quite prolific when it comes to marketing this brand of clothing. There is no shortage in the amount of fan fare that she is receiving for her work, and it appears that more people are going to look for a chance to engage in supporting this clothing line. It is all a part of the overall strategy that Kate Hudson has put in place to make people much more aware of the Fabletics brand.


Fabletics has managed to grow in a very powerful way because Kate Hudson has been taking the lead. She has not been depending solely on celebrity endorsements to get her in the door with consumers. She wanted to actually take time to focus on the work. She wanted to put some real time into making the best of her knowledge about the clothing industry. She felt that she would have a voice to really make a difference if she took time to build her brand. She did not want to be someone that was going to sit and wait for customers to come. To the contrary, Kate wanted to get in charge of connecting with her customers. She would advertise through social media. She would talk to magazines like Marie Claire. Kate Hudson would put her all into promoting Fabletics, and she would get people excited about the next step she was taking.


The next step now appears to be her desire to open multiple stores in the next five years. She has a big plan to open as many as 100 stores in upcoming years, and people should be excited about the way that this brand is expanding. For years Kate Hudson has put her focus into building the website and getting customers this way. That has been a great start, and this has allowed Fabletics to earn more than 200 million in revenue annually, but Kate knows that there is greener grass ahead with more brick-and-mortar stores. She truly believes that her customer base is growing, and she thinks that gaining the attention of people that shop offline will be very beneficial. It is going to give more people access to Fabletics.

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