Tony Petrello Leadership During Hurricane Harvey Aftermath

It is not uncommon for organizations in the workplace to immolate the traits of a good leader. In many different aspects, the exceptional leaders will not only guide their employees to being the best in the jobs that they perform but in their personal lives too. In fact, these leaders are often notorious for ensuring their organizations are not only taking in the profits from their local and surrounding communities but will most likely learn how to give back to the communities as a whole.

Following in the Steps of Loyal and Compassionate Leaders

While this description may be applied to many business organizations all around the U.S. and abroad, these exceptional workplaces and their employees can often be found taking front and center during good times and horrific times like natural disasters according to With this in mind, an exceptional leader that can be spotlighted today can be found in Texas since their leadership has made a monumental difference in the lives of those who were impacted most by the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Specifically, in Houston and its surrounding communities. So, for those of you who are interested in what Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors and the employees in Nabor Industries have already done to-date, here are a few things that were accomplished during Hurricane Harvey.

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Matching Donations and Contributions of Nabor Industry Employees

Similar to other contributions made during normal work hours, the employees of Nabors Industries were able to make a big difference immediately in the lives of those who were affected by flood waters of Hurricane Harvey. Because of the normal compassion that Tony Petrillo is known for, employees were given paid time off to make their personal contributions to the relief efforts in their local and surrounding communities. According to the workers, the company was also able to send scores of employees to aid the victims of this hurricane around the Gulf Coast and the surrounding areas.


In addition to assisting victims in these areas by helping them to recover in a number of different ways, Tony Petrello’s and his business organizations sponsored a fundraiser in order to help those most in need. With an amount of approximately 174,000 dollars being donated by the company employee themselves, he was also able to match these donations via his own personal funds. Just like other disasters of the past, Nabors Industries has been very instrumental in supporting other local crises too.

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