Rodrigo Terpins, The Brazilian Rally Car Driver

Rodrigo Terpins is a very successful Brazilian rally driver in a racing group called the Bull Sertoes rally team. Rodrigo was born in Sao Paolo. Growing up, Terpins watched his athletic father and role model, Jack Terpins, and soon became very interested in all sports. His brother, Michel Terpins, is a renowned rally driver as well, and has competed against and on the same team as Rodrigo. The brothers are very close to each other. According to, although only in their early 40’s, the pair have already completed the 22nd Sertoes race, finishing eighth among 38 in the 2600 km course. The race is long, and full of difficult terrain, so many participants are not able to finish. Their accomplishment was a large success for the two brothers. Rodrigo Terpins also works for the T5 Partipacoes. He and his father have much in common, as Jack Terpins was a business man as well. The two are also very involved in the community. Jack was a leader in the Hebrew community, and Rodrigo has participated in charity events. One of the most recent charities was a dinner that raised money, and took those funds to purchase medicines and water for a town. Currently, the racer is very happy with where his career has taken him. He tries to balance his professional life with time for his family, as family has had a huge impact on the direction of Terpins’ career and life. Rodrigo Terpins feels that without his family, he would likely not be in the highly- esteemed position that he has earned, so taking time to appreciate loved ones helps remind him of how he has gained so much in his life. Rodrigo and his brother plan to compete in more rallies together in the future, reports terra. Some of these races they will race together on a team, while others they will compete against one another.

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