Avanca. Review their success achieved through NewsWatch TV

Creating a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to assist in funding their “Ockel Sirus B pocket PC”, the success was highly attributed to NewsWatch TV. This campaign, as with all campaigns need to be highly marketed and viewed by the masses, thus they hired NewsWatch TV to reach their target market and achieve their goals.

According to Nathalie Wijkvliet, Marketing Director of Avanca, the “team and support of NewsWatch TV was great, the results a success.” With the goal set at $10,000 and the target date within 30 days, the segment produced by NewsWatch TV was seen on national television as well as the NewsWatch online channel.

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Tremendous success cannot even begin to describe the results of this campaign as they raised 29 times more money than their original goal. Nathalie Wijkvliet says NewsWatch was one of the main reasons for the success, and their company highly recommends working with the NewsWatch team. Reaching over 96 million households, receiving over 1 million online impressions, this segment received more marketing on this campaign than was ever expected.


NewsWatch TV goes far and beyond any other marketing tool in the business world today. Award winning due to its vast subject matter such as technology, consumer interest and entertainment, reviews and breaking news, just amongst the view subjects NewsWatch airs; it has made for a phenomenal platform. Broadcast on national television, NewsWatch also carries a massive online presence as well.

NewsWatch Boosts Musical Pairing App Success with Review and Promotional Campaign

https://digitalmode.net/2017/12/08/newswatch-tv-boosts-musical-pairing-success-reviews-promotional-campaign/NewsWatch TV has grown into a very trusted source as it has featured well over 10,000 stories gifting the public with the latest news on products, medical breakthroughs, everything from automotive news, legal issues and far more. The very fact NewsWatch TV hits the masses, launching a campaign, making an introduction, or voicing opinion, this platform would be the one to brilliantly stand on.


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