Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a company that creates video emails including newsletters. The company has a complete package of the conferencing platform and video marketing. Talk Fusion intends to help customers create brand loyalty. Moreover, the company tries to better customer relations as well as retention. Another aim of the company is to lower advertising costs through constantly offering progressions in technologies of video communication. In addition to this, the company helps other firms and business to increase profit and sales. The founder and CEO of Talk Fusion is Bob Reina. The company has a mass market appeal that makes it lead in the industry. The company prides in creating the globe’s first Instant Pay. Bob Reina has network marketing experience of more than 20 years. Thus, this experience has helped him to put the company on the international map.

Talk Fusion was established in 2007. The company has a strong devotion to giving back to communities, animal charities, friends, and family. The company sells its products directly to customers through its independent associates. The independent associates are located in more than 140 countries. There is a 30-day trial for those who wish to try the company products before buying them. This move gives customers more confidence in the company products. Moreover, the prices of the company products are relatively low thus attracting more customers.

The main objective of the company is to change the way people communicate with each other globally. For the company to realize this goal, it is eradicating all the barriers that face the communication sector. Furthermore, the company keeps on improving its current products to suit the huge customer demands. In addition to this, the company also through innovative processes is developing new products. Improvement of current products and generating new ones aims at creating more brand value. For instance, the company has come up with new products’ dashboard. The main aim of the dashboard is to allow clients to have the best experience with the company.

Talk Fusion company products include video conferencing, social networking and broadcasting. With just one product at the start of the company, Talk Fusion has grown to become a leader in its industry. The company offers metrics to its clients. These metrics are found from email services anywhere. The metrics help the customer to know if their emails have been delivered or not. Besides, the metrics can help to tell a video has been viewed so many times or not. Learn more:


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