Sussex Healthcare Expects Growth Under New CEO Amanda Morgan-Taylor

Sussex Healthcare is a company that is committed to offering its clients only the best services. The company is found in the United Kingdom and has 20 care centers in the country. The company has been in operations for the last three decades, and therefore it’s not new to service delivery in the health industry. Sussex Healthcare deals with offering healthcare support to the underprivileged people in the society. They take care of the elderly, physically challenged people, people living with dementia and people with learning disabilities. This is one of the noble roles that a company can do; taking care of people who cannot take care of themselves

Sussex Healthcare has over the years strived to offer only the best services. It has continued to expand its services so that it can accommodate people with diverse life challenges. They recently added physical therapy services as well as nutrition programs. Sussex healthcare is committed to helping as many people as possible. They have identified this area as one where professionalism is highly needed. To take care of such vulnerable people, the staff they have employed need to be up to the task. These are people who need special care and the staff in the company must always strive to give nothing short of the best medical care.


Sussex Healthcare staff offer specialized services to their clients. They understand that their patients need good care that will see them live a good life. Each patient in their facility is given personalized services by staff members who are highly trained to deal with issues that affect them. The staff at Sussex healthcare are picked from professional nurses who understand the medical treatment that is needed for such people. Sussex has over the years given great services to their customers and have as a result earned recognition through various awards. They have been awarded for being the best organization that provides end of life care to their clients.

To continue giving only the best services to their clients, they have appointed a new CEO who is knowledgeable about the health service delivery industry. A CEO who has worked in the industry long enough to know all the challenges in the industry. Amanda Morgan-Taylor is the new CEO. She comes into the organization with experience needed to make the company successful and give trust to the stakeholders that it will continue giving nothing other than the best services. Amanda has worked in the industry for over three decades.

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