Eli Gershkovitch, An Innovator In The Canadian Beer Scene

Young adults around the world have triggered a new trend for craft beer. Domestic beers have always been mass marketed however, craft beers are becoming more popular. Microbreweries are now seeing profits close to Miller Brewing Company and Budweiser. Craft beers are enticing due to their diverse flavors. Studies are estimating that by 2020, craft beer sales will be up 20 percent. This is a quite impressive number since craft beer production comes from small operations. No longer is wine the only alcoholic beverage attracting connoisseurs. Sophisticated consumers around the globe are searching for the perfect lager, India pale ale, coffee stouts and other varieties (http://www.calgaryherald.com/Steamworks+owner+Gershkovitch+awarded+registered+trademark+Cascadia+2006+after+seven+year+dispute+with+Granville+Island+Brewing/7612614/story.html).

There are numerous beer styles that are featured in beer competitions such as the U.S. Open Beer Championship. Smaller breweries are able to showcase and compete with their top-selling beers. In 2017, Canada came out strong with a large variety of high-quality craft beers. They came out on top winning 24 medals, where 20 of them came out of Ontario.

Eli Gershkovitch pic3

Steamworks is a brewery created by innovator Eli Gershkovitch who is a brewmaster in the Canadian beer scene. Steamworks impressed the judges at the competition with their top-selling craft beers. Eli Gershkovitch is hardly your stereotypical CEO Executive. You could describe him as calm, cool and collected with an appreciation for freedom.


According to Eli Gershkovitch, his motto is “you grow to meet demand, or demand will shrink to meet you”. His business model is focused on improvement and innovation. As long as you continue spinning your wheels or creating lackluster products, you will be surpassed by other exciting businesses.


Competition in Canada when it comes to craft beer is becoming increasingly popular. Eli Gershokovitch and Steamworks have vowed to continue to be leaders in the industry. They combine innovative and traditional methods of business that focus on price, quality, and quantity. In the mid 90’s, Steamworks founded Gastown, Vancouver a small beer pub that seated 184. Over time, Eli decided to expand the pub to meet supply and demand. Currently, Gastown seats an impressive 754 people. The brewery has attracted tourists around the world and is frequented by locals on a regular basis. Steamworks has become such a huge success they have opened several restaurants and bars throughout Vancouver. Each location serves Steamworks craft beers which increased the popularity of the brand (MontrealGazette).