Vinod Gupta Funds Education In Information Systems In India

Back when entrepreneur Vinod Gupta first came to the US, the technology revolution in India was still a very much unheard of. But nearly 50 years later and having now become a nation where doctors, IT engineers, programmers and financiers have made large strides in their practice, Gupta is becoming part of the movement to make India prosperous. He sends a lot of his money to communities such as small villages and schools so that young people can be a part of a bright future in India and have a chance to succeed in business.

Vinod Gupta actually came from a poor village in India himself, but he studied hard in school and was determined to be the best he could be in life. After graduating from a technology institute, his family saved just enough money up to allow him to go to the US for graduate school at the University of Nebraska. Gupta finished his master’s and then started as a market research assistant at a mobile home manufacturer known as Commodore Corporation. It was while he was here having to locate mobile home dealer clients that he came up with the idea to run his own information business.

Vinod Gupta needed updated listings to find the clients since Commodore Corporation had out of date lists, so he bought stacks of phone books to make his own lists. He had some tension with his superiors at Commodore Corporation in doing this, but eventually he struck a deal with them to sell them the comprehensive list he had compiled for $9,000. Gupta used capital proceeds from the sale to start his own business selling business information. The company made millions selling yellow page data, and Gupta eventually sold it and became managing partner of Everest Group. His current position allows him time to spend in philanthropy.

Enjoying Time with Roberto Santiago’s Mall On Valentine’s Day

People that are looking for a place to go for Valentine’s Day would find that Roberto

Santiago’s Manaira Shopping is one of the best places to go. For one thing, there are tons of facilities that couples can go to in order to enjoy themselves. For the financially well off, there are tons of high end restaurants that offer plenty of the best foods available. For people that are looking for a more creative time, there are entertainment facilities that they can visit in order to go to a concert or an art exhibit. People who want to just have fun can visit some of the arcades.


However, Valentine’s Day does not have to be for couples only. There are tons of single people that will enjoy Manaira Shopping on Valentine’s Day without worrying about any feelings of inferiority. As a matter of fact, there are some activities that people can be a part of even without a significant other. It is also possible to have more fun single than with a significant other. After all, single people can go where they want without anyone holding them up. They can check out a movie if they want at the movie theater located in Manaira Shopping.


One of the most frustrating things about Valentine’s Day is trying to figure out what to do. This can involve a lot of creativity, and some people do not have time to be creative. Fortunately, Manaira Shopping handles all of the creativity for many people. All that is needed is for them to choose the type of activity that they want to take part in.


Manaira Shopping is such as big mall for many different occasions. Celebrating Valentine’s Day can be one of the best occasions for going to the mall and walking through it. There are a ton of activities that go beyond shopping in stores. It does not have to be one person checking out some new items while the other person is standing around being bored. They can enjoy themselves and have a ton of laughs while they are taking part in some of the activities.


Hussain Sajwani’s Reputation as an Entrepreneur

Hussain Sajwani is a wealthy entrepreneur who is renowned for being the founder of DAMAC Properties, which is a leading global property development enterprise. He majored in economics and industrial engineering at the University of Washington. Sajwani started venturing into business in 1982 when he founded a catering company that has currently grown to become among the best in the market. It has overseen over 200 projects, and it runs its operations in Africa, Middle East, and CIS.


Sajwani was one of the first people to join the property industry in Dubai. He founded DAMAC Properties in 2002 after discovering an opportunity in the real estate sector. The firm has grown over the past 15 years to become a leader in the Middle East market. It has established properties in Dubai, Doha, Amman, Riyadh, Beirut, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, and London. The company’s portfolio comprises of over 17,900 homes and 44,000 units. DAMAC has become successful due to the remarkable entrepreneurship expertise of Hussain. He is currently on the list of the most influential individuals in the Arab world. Hussain Sajwani has shown that he has the leadership skills that are required in running a corporation.


The Hussain Sajwani Family has worked with the Trump Organization in completing projects such as various luxurious apartment as well as Paramount Hotels and Resort. Donald Trump has always praised Hussain Sajwani for being one of his long-term business partners. DAMAC Properties was in charge of the construction of the Trump International Course that is located in Dubai.


The DAMAC owner is also well known for his active participation in philanthropic undertakings. In 2013, his family offered AED 2 million that was used in supporting campaigns to buy decent clothing for deprived children in different parts of the world. He believes that children are important to the community, and they need to be supported for them to have a bright future. In 2014, the philanthropist donated AED 1 million towards UAE Suqia’s water aid. The money was given during the Ramadan charity donation programs and was meant to offer clean water to more than five million people in different parts of the globe.


Connect with Hussain Sajwani on LinkedIn.

Glen Wakeman Providing a Bright Future of Newbies Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman is a successful entrepreneur who is well known for his mentoring and business skills. He is a business executive, investor, mentor, entrepreneur and a writer recognized globally. Glen Wakeman is the co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings and currently, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. LaunchPad Holdings was established in 2015 as a corporation to create software for startups delivering online business planning services. The software was mainly designed to guide the new entrepreneurs on how to plan and implement their innovative ideas.


Mr. Wakeman is an alumnus of the University of Scranton where he graduated in 1981 with a BS in Economics. Later he joined the University of Chicago where he attained an MBA in Finance ( Glen has been a resident in six countries for business reasons and has worked in 30 regions around his career scope. During his early career journey, Wakeman worked at many companies holding different positions. For example, at GE Capital for over two decades where he used to work for the P&L positions operating in nine countries. Moreover, Glen was also the founder of Nova Four.

His core values are human capital, leadership, risk management, power and execution in business. Glen Wakeman works hard using his writing skills to inspire people on business from monetary economics to regulatory strategies sectors. Moreover, Wakeman is a market strategist full of knowledge on the emerging markets, therefore, advises executives like Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees.


According to Glen Wakeman, infusing ideas and money is the best option for business. Innovative ideas come from young people, but Glen never understood why failure still existed in companies. He discovered it is because they lack the foundation knowledge and planning for the ideas. Thus, Glen Wakeman and his colleagues decided to establish a simple software platform offering business planning services, and that is how LaunchPad Holdings came into existence.

Glen Wakeman believes in the machine learning to business problems trend to help entrepreneurs (Crunchbase). He is passionate about helping talented startups achieve their dreams by having their ideas put into practice.


Dreams Come True For Boraie Development

Omar Boraie is a 70-year-old visionary business person who has his eyes set on the land advertise. He is the head of Boraie Development LLC, an organization that arrangements with land advancement in New Brunswick City. The trip to setting up Boraie Development LLC has not been simple, concedes Omar, as he experienced numerous faultfinders who figured it wasn’t possible. His epic adventure began right around forty years back when he tried to remodel the then weather beaten structures in New Brunswick. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Strolling in the New Brunswick’s road after 4 p.m. was a bad dream some time recently, however Omar Boraie had the vision to change this. In the first place, he purchased plots and run down structures along Albany Street with a fantasy to remodel them. This he did when in 1988 he opened the ways to Albany Street Plaza Tower One. This was then trailed by Tower Two, which he developed in 2003. The working of these office pieces was an extraordinary accomplishment, and it pulled in an enormous workforce. Omar, being visionary, soon understood that there was the requirement for amazing private flats in Albany.

He set after developing a fancy working for apartment suites. In light of that, there rose the tallest working in the city standing 25 stories high. It comprises of one hundred and twenty-one top of the line flats and incredibly incorporates office and retail organizations’ spaces. In any case, that is not everything to the building. It likewise includes a carport for private stopping and has distributed spaces outside for grill and strolling mutts. Omar Boraie, be that as it may, credits his prosperity to every one of the general population who remained by him and concedes he couldn’t have done it without them. Look at Fundacity to know more.

Boraie Development LLC.

According to Rutgers, as indicated by Philly Purge, Boraie improvement LLC is a land organization established 40 years back. It majors in land improvement, property administration and deals and showcasing. It has an untarnished 30-year track record in the land business making it a much looked for after the engineer in New Jersey. To subsidize its ventures, the organization uses private hotspots for financing, for example, expansive business banks and in addition its incomes. Boraie Development additionally attempts the administration of its properties. This has gone an extraordinary route into increasing the value of their properties as the customary direct upkeep.

The organization likewise has Boraie Realty auxiliary that has since sold more than 150 million dollars in properties. To ensure their prosperity, their Sales Department collaborates with their Development and Property Management Department.

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Mike Baur, a successful entrepreneur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur as well as a businessman from Swiss. He is the co-founder as well as the managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory. Baur has a financial experience at work because he has worked in a bank for more than 20 years including Clariden Leu and UBS. He later stopped working in the bank to invest in startup organizations before he co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory in the year 2014. He co-founded the company with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. Mike also took part in a jury where he was a member at the START Summiteer. It was a start-up pitching contest of the St Gallen University.

In the year 2016, Mike was appointed as the deputy managing director of the CTI Invest. At this time the company partnered with Swiss Startup Factory. This fact gives a clear impression that he had the spirit of leadership since before appointing a leader, the people appointing should ensure that they have an individual with good leadership skills. In the same year of 2016, Mike also led the Swiss Startup Factory through the accelerator program in partnership with Goldback Group and Fintech Fusion. In December of the same year, his career was profiled by the Wall Street Journal as he grew from Swiss Banking to entrepreneurship as well as startup investments.

Mike Baur invests most of his time supporting several Swiss Startups as a mentor and financially. Most of his time is also spent concentrating on the Swiss youth entrepreneurship, giving a clear impression that he is out to achieve the best. He is focused and ensures that all the groups he is involved in, make the best out of their daily operations. Mike is well experienced in the field of finance since he holds an MBA from the Rochester University located in New York. He also holds an Executive MBA from Berne University. This gives a clear impression that he believes in his abilities. Mike has the well-rounded knowledge and being the co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory he knows what is expected of him in his position, and he gives his best.


George Soros Political and Philanthropic Participation

The whole world recognizes George Soros as a billionaire who has a huge political influence in America as well as business magnitude worldwide. 86 years old George is a successful Hungarian-American investor who also participates in philanthropic works. He is the founder of the Soros Fund Management LLC and his current real time net worth as of February 2017 is USD 25.2 billion. He is among the 30 richest individuals globally.

About George Soros Early Life

Soros was born in Hungary as a Budapest. He fled the country in 1947 and enrolled himself at the London School of Economics where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and later a Masters in Philosophy, the knowledge that he uses to succeed in capital markets. While studying, Soros was also working as a waiter and a railway porter prior to getting his start in the finance at a merchant bank. Later he joined the Wall Street and in 1969 he established his own hedge fund, Double Edge, with USD 12 million. It was later renamed to Quantum Fund. With Stan Druckenmiller in 1992, Soros shorted the British pound and from it made such an extraordinary profit of USD 1 billion which made him be referred to as the man that broke the Bank of England and ever since has done great deals that make him the billionaire he is.

George is a renowned supporter of the American progressive and liberal political causes. He makes donations through the Open Society Foundations that he established. He has funded numerous political causes but after 2004, his main focus was on charitable works. His international foundations have given out more than USD 13 billion over the past 3 decades to nonprofits with the intention of safeguarding human rights, expanding healthcare access and education in the US and other parts of the world. He also makes donations to shape the democratic procedure Eastern Europe. In 2005, Soros played a formative role in launching the Democracy Alliance Read more on

George Soros Political Influence in 2016

George Soros is a fierce critic of President Donald Trump. He committed more than USD 25million is support of Hillary Clinton in various ways as well other Democratic candidates and causes. According to Politico, George Soros has consistently supported Democratic causes, immigration reform, religious tolerance, and criminal justice. Out of the amount donated in support of Hillary, some went to the Immigrant Voters Win, the Voting Rights Trust that was devoted to fighting conservative efforts to restrict voting, and also to a number of voter mobilization group. In as much as other elite liberal donors wrote big checks in aid of the campaigns, few bellwether the impact that Soros made.

Soros is an example of a leader that should be emulated. His works of philanthropy in various institutes is a show of how concerned he is making the society better.

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Choosing A Reliable Investment Advisor

Need a business advisor or investment training resource? Want to learn stock trading from a knowledgeable and seasoned professional? Jim Hunt VTA Publications, one of the brightest minds in the investment field, comes highly recommended.

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If you can read and write and have Internet connection, you can join thousands of others who are amassing fortunes in their own business, or investments on Read information materials created by successful people, and follow in their footsteps and you too can attain the financial success you desire.

One of the most important steps you need to take on your way to fortune and financial freedom, is to avoid negative people and naysayers. These people have nothing useful to offer to you, so keep them out of your environment. Make it a habit to only associate with people who are positive and inspiring.

Jim enjoys teaching and coaching people on the latest stock market trends and business opportunities. Be sure to visit the website of VTA Publications and check out all the business and finance books written by Jim at You will absolutely be pleased with the quality of information you’ll have access to.

How Mike Baur has been Instrumental in Nurturing Young Entrepreneurs in Switzerland

Mike Baur is a private banking specialist of Swiss decent, who serves as the CEO of Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF). He is also the co-founder of SSUF. Before working as an executive for Swiss Startup Factory, Baur was a commercial apprentice. He once served as a member of UBS’s executive board. As a member of the council, Baur contributed to strategic planning insights meant to advance the private bank. Baur teamed up with his two friends, Max Meister, and Oliver Walzer, and founded the Swiss Startup Factory. The company operates independently as an ICT startup center.


Baur supports youth entrepreneurship endeavors. As a co-founder and director of the Swiss Startup Association, he mentors young entrepreneurs. Baur draws his skills of running startups from his academic training and unparalleled experience in the business world. Baur received his MBA from the renowned University of Rochester New York. He also attended the prominent University of Berne for an executive MBA.


Swiss Startup Factory’s Mission


Max Meister, Oliver Walzer, and Mike Baur founded Swiss Startup Factory with a universal mission. They wanted the company to focus on nurturing young talents in the entrepreneurship sector. One of the reasons why SSUF has excelled in Switzerland is because of its acceleration program. The program enables budding entrepreneurs to turn their dream of managing successful startups into a reality.


According to Baur, entrepreneurship allows people to conceptualize their ideas freely. He also believes that entrepreneurship leads to the creation of successful brands. SSUF’s fast-track acceleration program also provides the youth with mentorship. It stands out from other start-up accelerators in Switzerland because of its vision. The company is dedicated to investing in business ideas with a high likelihood of growth. As the brains behind SSUF, Meister, Walzer, and Baur focus on fostering entrepreneurship. Young entrepreneurs who sign up for the program receive financial support and mentorship.


Professional Achievements


Immediately after commencing his professional career, Baur participated in several start-up contests. For instance, he featured on the panel of judges during the Start Summiteers contest. The event took place at the St. Gallen University. As a jury member, he assessed the methods used by competitors to pitch their ideas. During his term as CEO, Swiss Startup Factory successfully signed an agreement with CTI Invest. The agreement entailed a partnership that would enable both companies to nurture young entrepreneurs. Once the companies merged, Baur became the deputy managing director of CTI Invest. Baur also oversaw the partnership agreement between Swiss Startup Factory and Goldback Group.



How OSI Group Is Improving Its Services To Customers

OSI Group is a food processing company that supplies meat and other food products to various industries. OSI Food Solutions UK was one of the recipients of the Globe of Honor Award in 2016. The British Safety Council presented the award at an awards luncheon that was held in London. Only 18 organizations were presented with the award last year. This is evidence of the high standards at OSI Group. The Globe of Honor is awarded to companies that have environmental management strategies in place at their facilities. Companies have to get a five-star rating from an audit that is conducted by the British Safety Council for them to be considered for the award.

Lynda Armstrong is the chairperson of the British Safety Council. Lynda congratulated OSI Group and the other companies for their commitment to preserving the environment. Kelly Grimwood accepted the award on behalf of OSI Group and said that leaders were important in driving the company towards excellence. OSI Group announced that they had acquired Baho Food in August of last year. Baho Food is a Dutch manufacturer of food and meat. It supplies products to the retail and food service industries. The managing team at Baho will remain at the company and will work together with executives at OSI to chart the way forward for the enterprise.

He mentioned that the two companies would combine strengths to provide customers with more products and better services. David McDonald is the president of OSI Group. He said that Baho would help the company to increase its presence in Europe and would aid in meeting the evolving needs of their customers. OSI also purchased a food processing facility that was previously owned by Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods had announced that they would be closing the facility sometime in 2016 and several jobs would be lost as a result. The remaining staff from Tyson Foods was offered employment at OSI at the time of the acquisition.

OSI acquired another company in the European region known as Flagship Europe last month. Flagship supplies frozen poultry, sauces, and dressings. The Chief Executive at Flagship Europe, Russell Maddock stated that with the acquisition, they would have access to vast resources which would strengthen their position in the market. He also noted that they would get access to global clients and markets since OSI is a global company.