Sky is the Limit for Andrew Rocklage

Andrew Rocklage holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in law from the Suffolk University Law School and another from the Isenberg School of Management. He has, however, shown a bias for business at the expense of practicing law, creating quite a solid reputation for himself within the Boston metropolitan business community.

Mr. Rocklage has a knack for seeking out new innovative business opportunities which he steers to success using his excellent business management and leadership skills and knowledge.

He started out his career interning at Cubist Pharmaceuticals before getting full-time employment as legal counsel for the same company. He moved from Cubist Pharmaceuticals to hold a similar position at Epirus Biopharmaceuticals before advancing to become a corporate counsel at the same organization.

Recently, Andrew Rocklage moved from his practice in law in the said different capacities and organizations to assume ownership of Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Sky Zone Trampoline Park was the premier indoor trampoline park in the state of Massachusetts.

It has expanded into other countries in the country and gone on to become the most successful trampoline park in the country. It has taken the visionary leadership and guidance of Andre Rocklage to achieve this position for the relatively young business venture.

Among the many business management and leadership skills that Mr. Rocklage has employed and which have led to exponential growth for his company has been impeccable screening and making the right hiring decisions.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park uses some of the best talents in all its locations and places great importance on good customer relations and interactions. By ensuring this, the company has been able to attract many new customers while retaining the existing ones.

Indeed, one of the main factors that clients associate Sky Zone Trampoline Park with is brilliant customer service and customer satisfaction. Mr. Rocklage has a well-known talent for recognizing and growing potential among his employees and colleagues. This is an outstanding quality that has enhanced the identification and retention of the best talent in the industry, which has facilitated organizational growth for Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

Based on the business decisions that Mr. Rocklage has made since leaving college and since branching out from his law career to pursue business, it is safe that he has a bright future in developing his business interests within the Boson Metropolitan and beyond.

A true son of the city, Andrew Rocklage have lived and stayed in Boston throughout his business career, despite the speed with which his company has grown and expanded into other areas of the country.

However, he also has a reputation for traveling extensively while openly and willingly embracing other people’s cultures and beliefs. These conditions and factors all speak to Mr. Andrew Rocklage’s potential for growth and further expansion of his growing business empire.