21 years of fashion: The Academy of Art University.

Known worldwide, New York’s fashion week brings in new and exciting discoveries for the fashion world. Hustling and bustling with designers and models, fashion weeks can be overwhelming for some, but imagine having to do it twenty-one times. This weekend San Fransico’s Academy of ArtĀ University did just that. The Academy of Art Institute held the 21st runway show, debuting five new womenswear lines and two menswear line. These lines were designed by recent BFA and MFA graduates.


The Academy of Art University is known for its innovation and creativity. Founded in 1929, so it was no surprise when these graduates lines were creative masterpieces. These students wowed the audience with the artful and eloquent taste. from Mrs. J Alexander; Runway model extraordinaire to Sara Kozlowski, Director of Education and Professional Development at CFDA, everyone was astonished.


The names of these incredible artists are some to look for in the future as they fiercely lead the forefront of the future of fashion. For example, Hailun Zhou from Qing Dao, China. Her line was released with the inspirations being observations and personal photographs she took throughout her day’s journey. Creating a beautiful line involving her culture and life.


Eden Slezin. another name to look for was featured in the showcase this past weekend. His line featured an inspiration of life and loves. This vintage denim line embraced individuality with open arms. Or even Dina Marie Lam’s line that was inspired by the passing of her aunt.


Each of these artists gave a surprisingly new take on the fashion industry and set standards high for the future. With the help of the Academy of Art University helping them lead the way into the fashion industry and involving the students with events such as this to get their names out to important people. These graduates will be unstoppable.


The Many Endeavors of The Academy of Art University

Have you ever heard of the Academy of Art University? If you haven’t heard, then just know that this is one of the most important schools in the country that specializes in the arts. The school has produced talent that has worked in the motion picture industry. Some of the films included are Sully, Trolls, Zootopia, Hail Caesar, 13 Hours and Deepwater Horizon. This extraordinary school was founded by painter Richard S. Stephens, and it dates back to the 1920s. Individuals who have a passion for liberal arts, for design, for fine arts and for entertainment, should seriously apply to this exclusive institution.

New York Fashion Week is the place to be for anything that’s fashion-related. The School of Fashion from the Academy of Arts University graced the prominent stage in flying colors. Ten of the schools recent MFA and BFA graduates put on a show for the ages. There were two special collaborations among the graduates as well as multiple menswear lines and multiple womenswear lines. As of today, this was the school’s 21st runway appearance. Some of the favorite looks came from fashion designers Hailun Zhou, Dina Marie Lam, Carlos Rodrigues and Eden Slezin. The spectacular event was held on September 9, 2017 at the prominent Skylight Clarkson Square. Some of the most eclectic fashion wear was on full-display. The packed audience got a chance to feast their eyes on some of the latest and most futuristic styles. Fashion designers come here from every inch of the globe, which makes New York Fashion Week one of the most diverse fashion events in existence.

Academy of Art University did its job very well. This school is located in the heart of beautiful San Francisco, California, and it is said to be the biggest privately owned art and design school in America. All in all, Academy of Art University has raised the bar extremely high, and it is changing the current status quo.