Insight into the Career of Kenneth Goodgame

Goodgame attended the University of Tennessee. There, he studied and graduated with a degree of science in marketing. He has specialized in marketing, a skill he acquired from school. He deals in sales and retail merchandise. He is a public speaker, a platform he has used to encourage and inspire upcoming businesspeople.

Over the years, in the course of his career, he has served in many roles. Mainly, Kenneth has played roles as a project manager in different organizations in the United States of America. As an operational manager, and with a combination of several sets of skills that include innovating marketing, he has created million and billion dollar OEMs.

Over the years, he has focused on delivering balanced corporate alignment, employee engagement, and the development of quality assurance system that are engineered to bring profitability to the business.

His extensive experience in several business fields gives him a competitive edge when it comes to navigating the market shifts. His skills have also proved to be resourceful when it comes to avoiding mistakes. Errors that can lead to the business stalling, an error that several people make.

His career began in 1995 with Hardlines D28 Product Merchant. In this company, Kenneth Goodgame was tasked with logistics involved in opening new stores. He was also in charge of training Store managers. In the year 1999, he moved to Proprietary Brand where he held the position of Director. Kenneth Goodgame held this position until 2001. Later, he moved to Senior Global Product Merchant. In this company, he was in charge of executing local deals.

Here, he held the position of general manager for two years. Later, Bernzomatic offered him a position as the president in 2004.

While in this company, he was able to register a 94 percent growth rate in the sale of consumer goods. Besides working for these companies, he has held several other posts in his line of work. To date, he serves as the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at True Value Hardware Corporation.