Securus Technologies Preventing Smuggling of Illegal Goods through the Prison Walls with their New Drone Detection Technology

Technology has been growing at a great speed. It is being used for research and many different things that are helping the society evolve. While it is being used for multiple purposes, many people are finding ways to harm other people using technology. One of the gifts of technology is drones that have become more improved and advanced with each passing day. They are used in films, for photography, as a toy and many purposes. They are recently being used by criminals to deliver illegal goods inside the prison.


Drones have a carrying capacity of 20 pounds, and most of the advanced ones have a remote capability of several kilometers. It means that its users can deliver the illegal materials inside the prison without even being close to it. It has led to many dropping of illegal materials inside the prisons, but even after a thorough search around the perimeter, the operator was not found. Some of the most common materials being transferred inside the prison are cigarettes, drugs, blades and cell phones. The prison authorities are worried that with the advancing drone technology, it would not be difficult before the criminals start to deliver guns and ammunition inside the prison that can result in fatal incidents.


Even with extensive security in place in prisons, it has become difficult for the prison officials to restrict the delivery by drones. Thus, it is up to the technology companies like Securus Technologies to find ways to combat their use. There is a growing need for finding a system that would help detect the drones over the prisons rather than just attacking the drones directly that has been less fruitful in the past months. Securus Technology is testing a drone detecting technology that will help identify the signal between the controller and the drone and help find the exact location of the drone trying to enter the prison premises. For years, the prisons have overlooked the potential dangers of drones, but with the occurrence of drone droppings become more in numbers, the prisons have to take a proactive approach to stop its usage completely.


Apart from strengthening the laws against the use of drones in high-security areas, there is a growing need of using technology to help prevent the use of drones for illegal droppings that can result in reduced escape attempts and also reduce the power that the criminals have inside the prisons. Securus Technologies aims to help the prison officials to prevent the entering of these drones inside the prison that can be quite dangerous. The drone detection technology by the company is a simple but effective system that does not need any extensive training on the part of the correctional officers.



Securus Technologies: Hanging up Prison calls

Robert Johnson, a South Florida resident, and an ex-corrections officer was targeted by a prison inmate who had a cell phone is working towards disconnecting inmates’ cell phones so that what happened to him won’t happen to other people. He ended up being shot six times in his stomach and chest. Johnson, who now works for Securus Technologies as a paid consultant aims at managing access to inmates’ cell phones to stop them from making calls.


Johnson has been addressing his horror story for almost seven years. It is because of this that he is motivated to keep cell phones away from prison inmates. Robert says that inmates having access to cell phones is a threat to the community. Back in 2010, when he used to stay at Delray Beach, he worked at a correctional institution in South Carolina. Johnson’s primary duty was to seize contraband. He was so dedicated to his work that he ended up being shot.


He recalls intercepting a considerable package about two weeks before he got shot. The bag of contraband was believed to belong to a prison gang and was valued at $50,000. He recalls hearing a boom at his front door on the morning of March 5, 2010, when he got up. He immediately knew that it was a hit. He says he called the burglar to the hallway to prevent him from going to his bedroom. After a short struggle, the intruder pushed him backward and raised his gun towards him. He was shot six times in his chest and stomach.


When he got to the hospital, he was in critical condition. The doctors and hospital chaplain told his wife to wait for the worst. To date, he says his survival was a miracle. In March, Johnson faced the Federal Communications Commission during a hearing about addressing the issue of controlling cell phones in prisons. The FCC is directly involved with calls made from anywhere as it regulates airwaves that are used cell phone providers. Johnson decided to dedicate his career to fight against smuggled cell phones in prisons and jamming signals from prisons.


Secures Technologies, where he now works as a consultant uses a Wireless Containment System to stop inmates’ cell phone calls. A Securus spokesperson explained that they are setting up a cell phone network. Once an inmate’s phone connects to the network and they dial a number, Securus chooses what to do with the dialed number. Their antenna has a powerful signal to phones, and it attracts all phone calls received and made from prisons. He goes on to explain that only known numbers can connect. Secures technologies say their system has blocked 1.7 million calls from prisons throughout the country.

The Comprehensive Benefits of Securus Technologies Inmate Email Systems

Securus Technologies is the industry leader when it comes to a wide array of different correctional and offender monitoring technologies. At this time, Securus Technologies provides different types of technological solutions to over 2,600 correctional facilities in the United States. This includes correctional agencies on the local and state levels.


One area in which Securus Technologies has a significant impact in the correctional system is its inmate email. Through the Securus Technologies inmate email system, incarcerated people can maintain regular contact with friends and family members on the outside. Correctional agencies, as well as inmates and their loved ones, have had a positive response to inmate email systems from Securus Technologies.


Inmate email truly provides an important link between incarcerated men and women and their loved ones. Research reveals that incarcerated people who are able to maintain consistent contact with loved ones while in jail or prison have a less likely chance of reoffending. Thus, not only does Securus Technologies inmate email lay the foundation for more successful reintegration into the community, it can lower the recidivism rate. This makes communities across the United States safer.


Inmate email systems from Securus Technologies also enhance institutional security. The technology from Securus Technologies associated with inmate email permits the appropriate monitoring of offender communications. Through this appropriate monitoring of inmate email, institutions are better able to detect security risks. This enhances the overall safety of a correctional facility, for staff and inmates alike.


Finally, Securus Technologies inmate email systems garner high marks for affordability. Securus Technologies is aware that, in the past, inmate communication people in the outside world could prove costly. Securus Technologies strives to make inmate email as affordable as possible for inmates and their loved ones outside correctional facilities. Inmates, and their family members, can be financially stretched without the added burden of costly communication alternatives.


Positive Consumer Reviews Signal Securus Technologies’ Excellence

Securus Technologies, a prominent provider of technology to the corrections systems, decided to share its clients’ feedback publicly. The comments disclose how their consumers have used technology to avert and resolve delinquencies, including cases where prisoners attack each other.


Rick Smith, CEO at Securus, said that on a weekly basis, they come up with discoveries that contributor significantly in obviating crimes within incarceration areas. He further added that consumers provide a consistent response on how their inventions are aiding jailbirds, their families and parolees. Rick conclude by stating that his firm finds great pride in serving and protecting its fraternity.


Selected Customer Feedbacks


Clients acknowledged the essence of the LBS software. In partnership with other law enforcement agencies, the software was able to unearth vast amounts of illicit assets, as well as drug money.


In another instance, a customer intercepted a call in which two convicts and their mother were involved, using Securus infrastructure. One sibling was training the other, an innocent soul, on how to answer interrogative queries concerning a shooting incident. By tapping into such dialogues, the prosecution can develop stronger arguments which translate into a correct verdict by the judge.


Additionally, info obtained from phone calls has proved to be valuable. In a particular case, officials used the information as evidence to get an arrest warrant for a corruption suspect. The individual was later detained and charged for distribution of contraband.


Moreover, consumers recognized the important role played by Securus in the society. The company’s commitment to transform the correctional system while improving security standards particularly impressed the customers. Also, the establishment’s vision and continuous upgrading of its infrastructure have won over the hearts of many.


All in all, the positive responses from clients are a testament to Securus’ groundbreaking work in the correctional system. I highly recommend their exemplary services.

Securus Technologies Fights Crime

A leader in the industry of public safety, Securus Technologies is helping correction facilities all over the country to prevent and solve crimes. They feel positive that their efforts that they put forth are doing a wealth of good for the world as a whole.


In an effort to allow the public to know more about what they do as a company, Securus Technologies published an article that explains it to the public. They also included a variety of comments from correction facility officials that they have worked for. These comments allow the public to know how important the company’s work is for the country and the world as a whole. Securus Technologies also went forward, and they invited investors and others to their headquarters. There they will receive a presentation about the latest technologies, and techniques they are using to solve and prevent crimes on a regular basis.


Securus Technologies is a company that believes in what they do, and they are the leader in the public safety field. Known and respected the world over, they continue to invent new ways to make the world a better place for everyone to live in. With their ingenuity, and the professionals that work for them, create new ways to induce safety on a weekly basis. Many companies seek them out to work for them, and they are contracted by the government for various assignments. They deal with at least a million prisoners on a regular basis every year by using videos, investigations and incident reports.


Securus Technologies Receives Acclaims

Securus Technologies is an exceptional influence in the field today. They are a leader in the public safety field. Since they do business with the criminal and civil justice organizations, they are known for what they do on a regular basis. Securus Technologies believes in the respect and status of companies that they do business with. At Securus Technologies, they believe in their workers, and they have created an excellent team. 11 of their specialists have received the acclaim of the BICSI Installer 1 Certification from the BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International company.

Securus Technologies is extremely proud of what their workers have accomplished, and they are also glad to do business with BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International.


BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, The Company


BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International is in the business of assisting information and communication technology businesses. At BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, they use plenty of ways to induce many different aspects of the firms, such as project management and safety and security.


Securus Technologies And BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International


When Securus Technologies and BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International team up, the results are the creation of the extremely, well-trained professionals that received the certifications. The efforts of the two will continue into the future, with even more results.


They look forward to an excellent future that will continue to be extremely impressive and noticed. Securus Technologies wants to increase their lead and prevalence in their industry, and receive even higher acclaim than they already have. Their presence has increased the public safety in many different ways.