See The World Through Different Eyes With A Magnises Membership

“The Life of Pablo Tour” by Kanye West was very successful and also had a lot of Magnises members attending it because they are allowed to buy tickets in bulk, which is not something that many other people were allowed to do. Even some of the other great tours that passed or are currently going on now were also attended by Magnises members because they got discounts or some type of special benefit. Beyoncé, Adele, and Justin Bieber were just some of the great artists. Attending an awesome concert is just one of the few perks that Magnises members get to have.

The entire basis of the Magnises membership is to get perks and benefits, and all of these benefits will be great for any Magnises member, whether they are a standard member or a Magnises Plus member. First, let’s explain the standard membership. The standard membership can be used and obtained by absolutely anyone in most age groups. Although it’s mostly people between the ages of 21 to 35 who have become Magnises members, everyone who is outside of this age group is still welcome to join as long as they are at least 21 or older.

With the standard membership on, no other passes are on the account but passes can always be added to the account. The passes that are currently being offered are the WorkPass, the HotelPass, the ClubPass, and the SportsPass. Either a standard Magnises member or a Magnises Plus member can add passes to their account.

Those who want to go for a Magnises Plus membership have to be invited personally by Billy McFarland or by someone from the head of Magnises. The cost of the Magnises Plus membership is $1000 per year, but with the perks that this membership is offering, many don’t mind paying the bill at Recently, those with a Magnises Plus membership were invited to an exclusive getaway to an island that allowed them to enjoy themselves after flying overseas on a private jet.

Also, anyone who becomes a Magnises Plus member will receive their very own gold card that’s personalized with their name on it. Every membership card on allows the usage of personal banking information to make the card become like a debit or credit card, which is a great benefit in itself. Every Magnises member will enjoy using any membership they get, whether it’s the standard membership or the plus membership. Magnises is always adding more membership benefits all the time, especially since they are working with over 50 partners and will continue to grow their partnerships to bring the best of everything to their members.