Tony Petrello Leadership During Hurricane Harvey Aftermath

It is not uncommon for organizations in the workplace to immolate the traits of a good leader. In many different aspects, the exceptional leaders will not only guide their employees to being the best in the jobs that they perform but in their personal lives too. In fact, these leaders are often notorious for ensuring their organizations are not only taking in the profits from their local and surrounding communities but will most likely learn how to give back to the communities as a whole.

Following in the Steps of Loyal and Compassionate Leaders

While this description may be applied to many business organizations all around the U.S. and abroad, these exceptional workplaces and their employees can often be found taking front and center during good times and horrific times like natural disasters according to With this in mind, an exceptional leader that can be spotlighted today can be found in Texas since their leadership has made a monumental difference in the lives of those who were impacted most by the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Specifically, in Houston and its surrounding communities. So, for those of you who are interested in what Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors and the employees in Nabor Industries have already done to-date, here are a few things that were accomplished during Hurricane Harvey.

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Matching Donations and Contributions of Nabor Industry Employees

Similar to other contributions made during normal work hours, the employees of Nabors Industries were able to make a big difference immediately in the lives of those who were affected by flood waters of Hurricane Harvey. Because of the normal compassion that Tony Petrillo is known for, employees were given paid time off to make their personal contributions to the relief efforts in their local and surrounding communities. According to the workers, the company was also able to send scores of employees to aid the victims of this hurricane around the Gulf Coast and the surrounding areas.


In addition to assisting victims in these areas by helping them to recover in a number of different ways, Tony Petrello’s and his business organizations sponsored a fundraiser in order to help those most in need. With an amount of approximately 174,000 dollars being donated by the company employee themselves, he was also able to match these donations via his own personal funds. Just like other disasters of the past, Nabors Industries has been very instrumental in supporting other local crises too.

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George Soros Political and Philanthropic Participation

The whole world recognizes George Soros as a billionaire who has a huge political influence in America as well as business magnitude worldwide. 86 years old George is a successful Hungarian-American investor who also participates in philanthropic works. He is the founder of the Soros Fund Management LLC and his current real time net worth as of February 2017 is USD 25.2 billion. He is among the 30 richest individuals globally.

About George Soros Early Life

Soros was born in Hungary as a Budapest. He fled the country in 1947 and enrolled himself at the London School of Economics where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and later a Masters in Philosophy, the knowledge that he uses to succeed in capital markets. While studying, Soros was also working as a waiter and a railway porter prior to getting his start in the finance at a merchant bank. Later he joined the Wall Street and in 1969 he established his own hedge fund, Double Edge, with USD 12 million. It was later renamed to Quantum Fund. With Stan Druckenmiller in 1992, Soros shorted the British pound and from it made such an extraordinary profit of USD 1 billion which made him be referred to as the man that broke the Bank of England and ever since has done great deals that make him the billionaire he is.

George is a renowned supporter of the American progressive and liberal political causes. He makes donations through the Open Society Foundations that he established. He has funded numerous political causes but after 2004, his main focus was on charitable works. His international foundations have given out more than USD 13 billion over the past 3 decades to nonprofits with the intention of safeguarding human rights, expanding healthcare access and education in the US and other parts of the world. He also makes donations to shape the democratic procedure Eastern Europe. In 2005, Soros played a formative role in launching the Democracy Alliance Read more on

George Soros Political Influence in 2016

George Soros is a fierce critic of President Donald Trump. He committed more than USD 25million is support of Hillary Clinton in various ways as well other Democratic candidates and causes. According to Politico, George Soros has consistently supported Democratic causes, immigration reform, religious tolerance, and criminal justice. Out of the amount donated in support of Hillary, some went to the Immigrant Voters Win, the Voting Rights Trust that was devoted to fighting conservative efforts to restrict voting, and also to a number of voter mobilization group. In as much as other elite liberal donors wrote big checks in aid of the campaigns, few bellwether the impact that Soros made.

Soros is an example of a leader that should be emulated. His works of philanthropy in various institutes is a show of how concerned he is making the society better.

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