Roberto Santiago: The Father Of Modern Shopping And Entertainment Experience In Brazil

Roberto Santiago is a special name in the Brazilian shopping and entertainment industry as he pioneered the shopping mall culture not only in Brazil but the entire South America. His Manaira Shopping Mall located in the northeastern coastal city João Pessoa was a significant milestone in the history of Brazilian shopping mall industry. It was inaugurated in 1989 as Santiago foresaw the popularity of shopping malls decades ago and gave the first-hand experience to the people of Brazil. The Manaira Shopping has the option shopping, food, entertainment, education, business, etc. and has everything for an average individual and family.

Interestingly, the shopping mall got a major expansion in 2013 which was due to the influx of the customers to the mall and the growing demand for the quality shopping experience.  Also, the tourists who are visiting the city are very excited to explore the entertainment options at Manaira Shopping while spending their days in the long beaches of the city. Roberto Santiago has made sure that the shopping mall is always engaging its customers and made at least five expansions till date which added a customer growth of 10 to 15 percent on a yearly basis.

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Currently, the structure is built on an area of 92,500 square meters with all the fun and entertainment elements added. 11 cinema halls in the mall offer most modern film experience to the mall visitors, and it additionally provides 3D rooms, VIP rooms, stadium system, etc. to ensure diverse and convenient watching experience. The shopping mall has many food courts that offer a wide range of exotic dishes along with a bar to provide drinks. Another valuable addition to the mall is a Game Station with more than 200 gaming machines with different games, ballrooms, bowling lane, etc.

The shopping mall also offers a number of services including banking, education, job services, public defender, cell phone, driving license, etc. in it. Altogether, Roberto Santiago has made sure that his shopping mall venture provides a full day experience for the families in the city. Considering the success of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall and the growing demand of more shopping malls, Santiago built another mall in the town in 2014 known as Mangabeira Shopping. Interestingly, on the inauguration day, the mall received an unprecedented 350,000 customers, and most stores received more than five times visitors than the average number of customers to major stores in the country. Read more on