Shopping And Dining In Tokyo With Kim Dao, Sophie, and Chris

YouTuber Kim Dao recently published a video called “Lunch in Ebisu & Shopping in Shinjuku | KimDao Vlog.” In this video, Kim meets up with Chris from the YouTube channel OkanoTV and Sophie from the channel PeachMilky. Kim brings her viewers along with her as she journeys through Tokyo.


After they eat a hearty lunch together, the group of friends head back to Chris’s place to play “Super Smash Brothers.” Kim complains that Chris is cheating because all the other multi-player controllers are slightly broken. Before playing the game, Sophie and Kim order tickets to Universal Studios Japan using Chris’s laptop.


A few moments later, Kim Dao takes Sophie out shopping for eyeglasses. Sophie says she wants eyeglasses that are discreet and round. Kim tells viewers the great thing about glasses in Japan is that opticians prepare the eyeglasses within only a few hours after purchase.


Both Kim Dao and Sophie decide to walk around Tokyo and do a bit of shopping together. They come across numerous cute Pokémon and Sailor Moon related items at various stores.


Kim Dao then decides to take Sophie to a restaurant that specializes in soup. Although Kim initially wanted pumpkin soup in a bread bowl, she eventually decides to get a savory pie.


To close out the video, Kim Dao talks to her viewers about updates on her channel. She says she is planning on going to Osaka in a few days and will vlog around the city. While staying with her host family in Osaka, Kim says she will also vlog in Kyoto with Sophie.


Shopping with Kim Dao and Her Boyfriend Is A Great Success

Shopping with our boyfriends is something that some of us women love and some of us women hate.  Kim Dao shows us what it’s like to spend the day shopping with her boyfriend in a Youtube Video.


They start the day off by having a nice brunch where they share a few different dishes. The presentation of their food is gorgeous and tastes great. After that, Kim Dao gets a new wallet that she’s super excited about. Then, it’s off to a clothing store where she tries on a variety of different clothes. Unfortunately the first few were all too big on her. She eventually ends up purchasing a super cute off the shoulder striped top that fits her body beautifully. Since it’s Summer in Australia, she also bought a pair of cute black shorts.


After that, they have a relaxing time shopping. They try and catch some Pokemon and stop at Dome to get some hot beverages. It’s a nice break for them as they enjoy hot chocolate and lemon tea. It was the perfect break because they both talk about how exhausted shopping made them. After all the shopping and excitement, Kim and her boyfriend make it back home where they can take out Yugi and bring him along on different adventures such as to the dog park!

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Overall, it was a busy but successful day shopping.

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