Don’t Let Bad Apples Spoil Your Business Reputation: 5 Great Tips

Your parents probably taught you that there are a few bad apples in every bunch, and those in the business world discover this sooner than later.

Then you look over your shoulder, and the spoilers are there trying to muddy your good name and business. Jealousy and fear of competition are just a couple of reasons why you could be targeted, but you can successfully fight back. can clean up search results and effectively remove the negative information about you and your company.

Here are also five excellent tips by on taking the high road when your reputation matters:

1. Stay Out Of The Pig Pen Don’t jump in and get muddy and start rambling on social media. Allow your better judgment and good character to speak volumes. Try and keep your temper in check.

2. Tell Customers You’re In It For The Long Haul. It’s business as usual, and that’s what you want to express to your customer base. Ensure the client that nothing is changing and that service has always been exceptional and will remain as such.

3. Offer Extra Value To Overshadow The Gossip. Go above and beyond what’s normal in your business and feature better content, product and service to your customers.

4. Ask For Help From Those Who Have Been Under Fire. Don’t retreat and hide under a rock, because you are not alone. Many entrepreneurs have been in your situation and can offer intelligent advice to weather out the storm. Plus, it’s okay to vent.

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Facilitating Effective Communication with Video Visitation

Incarceration not only affects those in prisons but their loved ones as well. It is even worse when an inmate has a child who they won’t see for a long time. Imagine an individual who has been imprisoned when his or her son or daughter is just a few months old. Such a child does not have the option of seeing the parent the traditional way. Securus Technologies Inc has, however, provided a solution to this predicament with their video visitation services. With the technology, inmates can easily communicate with their children and see them as well. I think that the influence of a parent plays a strong role as a child grows up, but some circumstances may not allow it. Video visitation is one effective way that a parent can stay connected to his or her child.

Be Part of the Special Moments

Another plus point of video visitation is that inmates can enjoy all the special moments in their children’s lives. It can be as small as watching cartoons with your daughter or a milestone such as a graduation celebration. Securus is making it possible to be a part of all of it. Another merit I think that relatives of inmates appreciate is scheduling visitation without even having to leave the house. An individual who has to take care of little kids may not always find time to make physical visits to their loved one in prison. Through video visitation, such an individual can save time and energy, and not have to worry about babysitter cancelling at the last minute.

Offering Technical Solutions

Securus Technologies provides a plethora of technologic solutions for the criminal and civil justice system in the U.S. The company offers high-tech software products that cater to needs such as communication, information management, emergency response, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, and parolee tracking. In the 30 years Securus had been in business, it has worked on improving the technical services available in the prison industry and so far, has done a good job of it. Besides video visitation, there is the instant mail, lobby kiosk, telephone, and voicemail services that have contributed to modern jail communication.

The Dallas-based company is currently providing services to over 1.2 million inmates. Securus has invested heavily in research and development with over 140 patents to its name. Securus also provides inmates with in-sourced customer service and has a technical team on standby to provide support. Communication is paramount, and Securus is making sure that incarceration does not put an end to it.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.